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Capt. Bill Pike

PMY Senior Editor:
Bill’s career incorporates a wide range of experience in both journalism and boating. He began his writing career in 1972 as a general-assignment reporter and columnist for the Watertown Daily Times in Watertown, New York. Later he went on to work as a feature writer and reporter for the St. Petersburg Times. Read more here...

Grundn’s Gage Jacket

By | Posted December 2011 | Add a Comment

Photo by B.J. VickersGrundns Weather Watch Rain GearThis lightweight foul-weather jacket will stay dry inside and out, and it’s easily packable.I’ve been into salty-looking foul-weather jackets ever since I saw the famous (and occasionally infamous) cruising sailor Tristan Jones wearing one with a

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Amped Wireless UA600EX

By | Posted November 2011 | Add a Comment

PMY Tested: Amped Wireless UA600EX Pro USB Adapter. Improve your marina's Wi-Fi signal with this powerful directional booster...

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Sea Hawk BiocopTF

By | Posted October 2011 | Add a Comment

A real-world test of this bottom paint produces some definitive results.Toward the middle of this past July, I had my Grand Banks 32 Sedan Betty Jane hauled at a local boatyard for two completely different reasons. First, I wanted to facilitate a first-rate wax job. Using a big electric buffer on a comparatively small, faux-planked hull

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We cruise the Gulf Coast six years after hurricane Katrina

By | Posted September 2011 | Add a Comment

Starting a boat trip with a ride in a Dodge pickup is odd perhaps. But then, the tour it facilitated sorta set the tone for the rest of that sunny day this past April. Vice president of Trinity Yachts Billy Smith was at the helm of the Dodge.

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Navionics App for iPad & iPhone

By | Posted June 2011 | Add a Comment

Navionics App for iPad & iPhoneTry this darn thing—you might really like it!A week ago I was driving along the waterfront of a big American city with a yacht-broker friend of mine using an iPad with digital Navionics cartography that was conveniently secured to his SUV’s dash to show us how to get where we were going. Wow! Idling

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Smart Phone Apps for Your Boat

By | Posted June 2011 | Add a Comment

Nav Tricks for the iPhoneTaking the boat out this weekend? Bring along the smartest of smartphones!I wasn’t a giant fan of the iPhone at first. The gizmo seemed cumbersome in comparison with the Blackberry I’d carried around for years. Its keyboard was slow, and its phone-related capabilitieswell, let’s just say the little multitasker seemed to

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The Reason for Different GPS Positiions for the Same Location

By | Posted June 2011 | Add a Comment

You Gotta Be Kiddin’Can your chart (or Google Earth) give you one position and your GPS another?Some while ago I received a letter from William P. Carter, an observant Virginian with a serious interest in all things nautical. He had a question that conveniently points out a foible of modern, GPS-reliant navigation, one that seems just a tad ridiculous, at

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How-to keep your bilge odor-free

By | Posted June 2011 | Add a Comment

  Let's investigate a seldom-explored phenomenon that most likely arises from things unseen or at least unobserved. The Frenchies call it une odeur de vieux bateau (which translates as the

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2011 Engines Review - Twin Disc

By | Posted June 2011 | Add a Comment

Master of ManeuverabilityTwin Disc’s new joystick-control system may give those pod drives a run for their money.Let’s begin this treatise on maneuverability on a historical note—or rather two of them. The first dates back to an enjoyable dinner I had with Bill Barry-Cotter in Australia several years ago. Barry-Cotter, of course, is

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Lobsterboat Races of the Maine Coast

By | Posted May 2011 | Add a Comment

At first Travis Otis, a rough-and-ready lobsterman and boatbuilder from Searsport, Maine, seems like a reasonable sort of guy. Engage him in a stint of friendly conversation, and he’ll quickly convince you that he enjoys a wholly conventional lifestyle, complete with a flourishing family business and a 36-foot Northern Bay lobsterboat that pulls enough traps during the season to guarantee him a comfortable living.

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