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Capt. Bill Pike

PMY Senior Editor:
Bill’s career incorporates a wide range of experience in both journalism and boating. He began his writing career in 1972 as a general-assignment reporter and columnist for the Watertown Daily Times in Watertown, New York. Later he went on to work as a feature writer and reporter for the St. Petersburg Times. Read more here...

How to Haulout a Boat

By | Posted June 2016 | Add a Comment

Jittery about that haulout? Take the edge off with this simple technique.

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Fleming 58

By | Posted May 2016

Our Boat Test of the Fleming 58. When an able cruiser like the Fleming 58 falls into the viewfinder of Capt. Bill Pike, you just know he’s going find a few things to say. Take a read of his test and think about what you would do with a boat like this.

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The Dangers of Relying too Heavily on Helm Electronics

By | Posted April 2016 | Add a Comment

Helm electronics must be trusted to be effective tools to help you navigate and keep your boat safe. But what happens if the data is bad to start with? Get a load of what happened when such a problem arose for the U.S. Navy in Iran’s territorial waters. Read the analysis here.

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The Story of One Man’s Unquenchable Need for Speed

By | Posted April 2016 | Add a Comment

Secret government designs, raw fear, and an unquenchable need for speed.

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Marlow Yachts 66E

By | Posted March 2016

Our Boat Test of the Marlow Yachts 66E. The Marlow Yachts 66E is a fine, seaworthy vessel. But the detailing and engineering that are generally hallmarks of the Marlow brand push her well beyond such stalwart adjectives.

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Lessons from the El Faro Tragedy

By | Posted February 2016 | Add a Comment

When the cargo ship sank near the eye of the hurricane, many questions were raised. Executive Editor Capt. Bill Pike shares his thoughts here.

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Tiara Q44

By | Posted February 2016

Our Boat Test of the Tiara Q44.  Who better to take you through the capabilities (substantial) and amenities (plenty to go around) of Tiara’s new Q44 than Leon Slikkers of Tiara Yachts. Join Executive Editor Capt. Bill Pike as he joins Slikkers and his team on the Great Lakes. See what happened here.

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Long-Distance Boat Buying

By | Posted January 2016 | Add a Comment

Here’s the tale of a dedicated boat nut who nearly lost his mind trying to buy a boat that was a long, long way from home.

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What to do with Old Trumpet-Style Air Horns

By | Posted December 2015 | Add a Comment

Got an old, trumpet-style horn that’s grown feeble and/or worn-looking? To replace or refurbish? That is the question.

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Liquefied Natural Gas Powered Boats

By | Posted November 2015 | Add a Comment

Does the industrial use of LNG-powered propulsion herald a cleaner future for pleasure boats? Executive Editor Capt. Bill Pike investigates the possibility.

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