The PMY 100: 2014

Hitting the Big Time

For this year’s list, eight new builds join the World’s 100 Largest Yachts and showcase how megayacht builders press the combined resources of groundbreaking design, boatbuilding tradition, and radical innovation into service to change our collective understanding of what it means to spend time on the water. Join the power & Motoryacht staff as we explore how megayachts alter the world of boating from the top down.

The PMY 100: 2014

New launches designated in red.

1. camera iconAZZAM—Length: 590'5"
Builder: Lürssen

2. camera iconECLIPSE—Length: 534'8"
Builder: Blohm + Voss Shipyard

3. camera iconDUBAI—Length: 531'5"
Builder: Platinum Yachts

4. camera iconAL SAID—Length: 508'5"
Builder: Lürssen

5. camera iconPRINCE ABDULAZIZ—Length: 482'3" Builder: Helsingor Vaerft

5. camera iconTOPAZ—Length: 482'3"
Builder: Lürssen 

7. blankEL HORRIYA—Length: 478'1"
Builder: Samuda Bros

8. camera iconYAS—Length: 462'6"
Builder: ADMShipyards

9. blankVICTORYLength: 459'3"
Builder: Fincantieri Yachts

10. camera iconAL SALAMAH—Length: 456'1'
Builder: Lürssen

11. camera iconRISING SUN—Length: 454'1"
Builder: Lürssen

12. camera iconSERENE—Length: 439'6"
Builder: Fincantieri Yachts

13. camera iconAL MIRQAB—Length: 436'4"
Builder: Peters Schiffbau

14. camera icon OCTOPUS—Length: 414'0"
Builder: Lürssen

15. camera iconKATARA—Length: 408'1"
Builder: Lürssen

16. blankALEXANDER—Length: 400'0"
Builder: Lebecker Flender Werke

17. camera iconA—Length: 390'4"
Builder: Blohm + Voss

18. camera iconTURAMA—Length: 381'9"
Builder: Rauma

19. camera iconATLANTIS II—Length: 379'10"
Builder: Hellenic Shipyards

20. blankISSHAM AL BAHER—Length: 379'8" Builder: Hellenic Shipyards

21. camera iconPELORUS—Length: 377'3"
Builder: Lürssen

21. camera iconLUNA—Length: 377'3"
Builder: Lloyd Werft

23. camera iconLE GRAND BLEU—Length: 370'0"
Builder: Bremer Vulkan

24. camera iconDILBAR—Length: 360'10"
Builder: Lürssen

24. camera iconRADIANT—Length: 360'10"
Builder: Lürssen

26. blankLADY MOURA —Length: 343'10"
Builder: Blohm + Voss 

27. blankLOALOAT AL BEHAR —Length: 340'7"Builder: Picchiotti

28. blankQUANTUM BLUELength: 336'7"
Builder: Lurssen Yachts
*Due to launch in 2014

29. blankV853Length: 331'4"
Builder: Kusch Yachts
*Due to launch in 2014

30. blankATTESSA IV —Length: 328'1"
Builder: Evergreen Shipyard

31. blankCHRISTINA O —Length: 325'0"
Builder: Canadian Vickers

32. camera iconMADAME GU —Length: 324'8"
Builder: Feadship

33. camera iconCARINTHIA VII —Length: 318'10"
Builder: Lürssen 

34. blankLIMITLESS —Length: 315'9"
Builder: Lürssen

35. camera iconPALLADIUM —Length: 314'10"
Builder: Blohm + Voss

35. blankVAVA II — Length: 314'10"
Builder: Devonport Yachts

37. camera iconINDIAN EMPRESS —Length: 311'7"
Builder: Oceanco

38. blankTATOOSH —Length: 303'2"
Builder: Nobiskrug 

39. blankMAYAN QUEEN IV —Length: 301'8"
Builder: Blohm + Voss

40. blankEQUANIMITYLength: 300'2"
Builder: Oceanco

41. blankNAHLIN —Length: 300'0"
Builder: John Brown & Company 

42. blankDUBAWI —Length: 297'2"
Builder: Cantiere Navale Ferrari 

43. camera iconNERO —Length: 295'7"
Builder: Yantai Raffles Shipyard

43. camera iconICE —Length: 295'7"
Builder: Yantai Raffles Shipyard

45. blankLAUREN L —Length: 295'3"
Builder: Cassens-Werft

45. camera iconGLOBALLength: 259'3"
Builder: Lurssen Yachts
*Due to launch in 2014

47. blankILLUSIONLength: 291'4"
Builder: Yantai Raffles
*Due to launch in 2014

48. camera iconNIRVANA —Length: 290'4"
Builder: Oceanco

48. camera iconY710Length: 290'4"
Builder: Oceanco
*Due to launch in 2014

50. blankASEAN LADY —Length: 289'2"
Builder: Yantai Raffles Shipyard

51. camera iconQUATTROELLE —Length: 288'7"
Builder: Lürssen

52. camera iconMUSASHI —Length: 287'10"
Builder: Feadship

53. blankFOUNTAINHEAD —Length: 287'10"
Builder: Feadship

54. blankARCTIC P —Length: 287'3"
Builder: Schichau Unterwesser

55. camera iconPHOENIX 2 —Length: 286'1"
Builder: Lürssen

56. blankACE —Length: 285'4"
Builder: Lürssen

57. camera iconECSTASEA —Length: 282'1"
Builder: Feadship

58. blankKINGDOM 5KR —Length: 282'1"
Builder: Benetti 

59. camera iconSEVEN SEAS —Length: 281'10"
Builder: Oceanco

60. camera iconCAKEWALK —Length: 280'8"
Builder: Derecktor

61. camera iconST. PRINCESS OLGA — Length: 280'8" Builder: Oceanco

62. camera iconSUNRAYS —Length: 280'5"
Builder: Oceanco

63. camera iconVIBRANT CURIOSITY —Length: 280'4" Builder: Oceanco

64. blankMOONLIGHT II —Length: 279'8"
Builder: Nerion Syros Shipyards 

64. blankDELMA —Length: 279'8"
Builder: Nerion Syros Shipyards

66. blankPACIFIC —Length: 279'5"
Builder: Lürssen

67. blankSOLANDGE —Length: 279'2"
Builder: Lürssen

68. blankVALERIE —Length: 275'6"
Builder: Lürssen

69. blankO ’MEGA—Length: 271'1'
Builder: Mistubishi Heavy Industries

70. blankSECRET —Length: 270'0"
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen

71. camera iconKIBOLength: 269'0"
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen 

71. blankSARAFSA —Length: 269'0"
Builder: Devonport Yachts 

71. blankOCEAN BREEZE —Length: 269'0"
Builder: Helsingor Vaerft

71. blankGRACEFUL —Length: 269'0"
Builder: Blohm + Voss

71. camera iconALFA NERO — Length: 269'0"
Builder: Oceanco

76. camera iconAIR— Length: 265'7"
Builder: Feadship

77. camera iconBART ROBERTS —Length: 264'10"
Builder: Canadian Vickers

78. blankNORGE —Length: 263'3"
Builder: Camper & Nicholsons

79. blankGOLDEN ODYSSEY —Length: 262'10" Builder: Blohm + Voss

80. camera iconCONSTELLATION —Length: 262'5"
Builder: Oceanco

80. camera iconSTARGATE —Length: 262'5"
Builder: Oceanco

80. blankCHOPI CHOPI —Length: 262'5"
Builder: CRN

80. camera iconAMEVI —Length: 262'5"
Builder: Oceanco

84. blankTALITHA G —Length: 261'10"
Builder: Krupp Germaniawerft

85. camera iconDUBAI SHADOW—Length: 259'2"
Builder: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

86. blankAL DIRIYAH —Length: 258'0"
Builder: National Bulk Carriers 

87. blankPEGASUS V —Length: 257'9"
Builder: Royal Denship

88. blankDELPHINE —Length: 257'5"
Builder: Great Lakes Engineering Works

88. camera iconHAMPSHIRE II —Length: 257'5"
Builder: Feadship 

88. blankTV —Length: 257'5"
Builder: Lürssen

91. blankTUEQ —Length: 257'4"
Builder: GNS Shipyard

92. blankEMINENCE —Length: 257'3"
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen

92. blankAMARYLLIS —Length: 257'3"
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen 

92. blankDANNEBROG —Length: 257'3"
Builder: Danish Royal Dockyard

92. blankTITAN —Length: 257'3"
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen 

92. blankC2 —Length: 257'3"
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen 

97. camera iconVENUS —Length: 256'6"
Builder: Feadship

98. camera iconMONTKAJ —Length: 256'0"
Builder: Amels

99. blankLONE RANGER —Length: 255'0"
Builder: Schichau-Unterwesser

100. camera iconTANGO —Length: 254'11"
Builder: Feadship

Azzam photo by Klaus-Jordan

5. Prince Abdulaziz—Length: 482'3" Builder: Helsingor Vaerft

Prince Abdulaziz was the largest megayacht in the world for a full 22 years, and is considered the largest megayacht of the 20th century (she was built in 1984). She can hold up to 65 crew members—the same amount of people as the full roster of your favorite pro basketball team combined with the full roster of your favorite pro football team—even the kicker.


South Pole

polar bearFor adventurous owners of megayachts and megamegayachts, EYOS ( offers very special services that facilitate cruises to super-exotic places. “For example,” says Rob McCallum, a founding partner of EYOS and an expedition leader, “we put ice pilots aboard, as well as other highly experienced personnel, for voyages into the Arctic and Antarctic. As a matter of fact, we presently hold the record for getting to the most southerly location ever achieved by a yacht. And not too long ago, we received the first permit to visit the Russian high Arctic.” EYOS puts together expeditions for private yachts as well as charter yachts. Not into commercial cruises? “Cruise on your own boat,” says McCallum. “We handle everything—permits, specialized crew, extra equipment, whatever suits.”

swimming at the South Pole

17. A—Length: 390'4" Builder: Blohm + Voss

It’s alleged that Philippe Starck designed this 390-foot, reverse-bowed showstopper in a mere 3.5 hours—about the same amount of time it takes to watch The Godfather: Part II.



Remember when the first shadow-type vessels appeared? You know—older oil-field vessels converted into yacht support vessels. So, going one step further, Amels, the Dutch builder of Montkaj (number 98 on our list) is now selling yacht support vessels that are large (up to 67 meters long) and, unlike the shadow vessels, purpose-built using up-to-the-minute naval architecture and engineering. The latest and greatest development is the Sea Axe hullform (shown here) which Amels claims is exceptionally seaworthy and fast. “We feel a support vessel needs to precede the yacht under some circumstances, rather than simply accompany her,” says Victor Caminada, marketing director for Amels. “So the support vessel needs to be very, very quick. And she must also exhibit a very high level of finish—so she blends into the yachting world.”

92. Amaryllis—Length: 257'3" Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen

With a range of 5,000 nautical miles, Amaryllis could cruise from Alaska to Costa Rica without stopping.

Where Technology and Design Meet

Francesco PaszkowskiWe asked Francesco Paszkowski, founder of Florence, Italy-based Francesco Paszkowski Design and designer of superyachts built by Baglietto, Heesen, Proteksan-Turquoise, CRN, Sanlorenzo, and others, to share his thoughts on how the design of superyachts has evolved due to technology. Here is some of what he had to say:

Technology is a starting point for innovative solutions and designers are always hungry to take new opportunities provided by technology development.

Designers have to take into account that yachts must be designed to be seaworthy and this remains the case even when designers are under pressure to make bold aesthetic statements.

Designers also must not forget the emotional—often irrational—motivation that makes people buy a yacht. Owners themselves are invariably up-to-date and demand cutting-edge design to produce a high-quality yacht built by refined manufacturing processes.

Knowledge of materials and their potential features is essential to create new forms.

Materials have played an important role and have enabled significant development in the marine field by looking outside of the yacht industry for inspiration. 

Just think of the way glass has been employed to build oversized windows onboard that were once considered unfeasible, or the way composites are used for lighter and more resistant structures, or the advanced folding terraces or balconies or the aft platforms transformed into beach clubs.

Ongoing developments in lighting systems, high-tech fabrics, and alternative materials that can be used to creative effect in replacing traditional wood veneers or teak decking, or also think of special treatment to make materials lighter yet looking the same, like honeycomb treatment to reduce marble weight. 

Technology also helps when you consider other essential aspects—safety features, structural and functional restrictions, legislative norms, energy consumption—designers have to consider while designing.   

To respect the environment, the market is looking for new yacht types, and engineers are looking for new proposals. Speed is no longer a critical factor or essential criterion, while efficiency and fuel economy are getting more and more important.

I believe technology and creativity develop side by side to create a balanced combination in the search for innovative design.


personal submarine

If you haven't seen them yet, you've got to check out our photo galleries of these "Mega-Subs". We've got one here and here.

You Gotta Pay to Play

Pegasus V in Bahamas

Think your last stay in a transient slip was a little on the pricey side? And good grief! That graspy dockmaster had the nerve to charge you for electricity and water? As this issue was going to press, we caught up with Pegasus V (the 257-foot 9-inch Royal Denship-built beauty shown above) in Ft. Lauderdale, the megayacht capital of North America, if not the world. She was tied alongside at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina, up-river from the 17th Street Causeway Bridge. We called the dockmaster to see how much the marina was charging for a berth, megayacht-style. “Five dollars per foot per day—that’s summertime rates,” came the reply. So let’s see. So yeah, Pegasus V had to be paying about $1,300 a night to sleep at the Hilton. Now that’s pricey!

48. Nirvana—Length: 290'4" Builder: Oceanco

The asking price for Nirvana was recently listed as $305 million, which would fully tap out even Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, who has a listed net worth of $260 million.

Terence DisdaleQUOTE

“One of the most useful technological developments is a system known as ‘dynamic positioning,’ this is a computer-controlled system with satellite links controlling onboard thrusters enabling the vessel to maintain a stationary position without dropping the anchor. This allows the yacht to enjoy many more locations where anchoring is banned due to coral reef protection rules or where the depth of water is too great.”
— Terence Disdale, Terence Disdale Design Ltd.

Global photo by Klaus-Jordan

This list of the World’s 100 Largest Yachts includes eight new boats, five of which have not at press time been delivered to their owners. This esteemed category includes Global (shown, no. 45 on the list), and this year, we decided the standard would be: If it floats, it’s a boat. ENJOY!

80. Chopi Chopi—Length: 262'5" Builder: CRN

Owing to a fuel capacity of 66,043 gallons, with her tanks full Chopi Chopi is about 250 tons heavier than when they’re empty. That’s like having one full-grown blue whale and five full-grown killer whales onboard.


This article originally appeared in the August 2014 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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