Outer Reef 73

By | Posted January 2007

I love catching up with old friends. But it's gotten to be a challenge, as many of us are scattered up and down the East and West Coasts. When the holidays approach it gets easier, as we return to...

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Camano 41

By | Posted December 2006

Being skipper has its perks. I did the driving during Neil Rabinowitz's recent photo shoot on the immensely comfortable, Canadian-built Camano 41 and at some point in the midst of our peregrinations...

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Kadey-Krogen Krogen 44

By | Posted August 2006

As luck would have it, I beheld an unlikely but well-timed prospect while scanning the mouth of Spa Creek from an old dock in Eastport, Maryland, on a recent morning that was suffused with warm...

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Grand Banks 59 Aleutian RP

By | Posted April 2006

There’s nothing half as exciting as being aboard a big, beautiful cruising boat in South Florida in the springtime with the sun coming up when it’s still cold up north. You feel privileged,...

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Mainship 43 Trawler

By | Posted January 2006

Next time you're hanging at the ol' waterfront watering hole and feel like stirring things up, drop this on your buddies: "Power...

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Nordhavn 43

By | Posted January 2005

For me, stepping aboard a Nordhavn is like going to school—I always learn a few things. Maybe that’s because, due to the constraints of this job, I’m not a bluewater cruiser. But the people who...

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Krogen Express 52

By | Posted December 2004

Shhh...I’m listening intently as the standard twin 440-hp Yanmar diesels on the Krogen Express 52 run up from idle to WOT. You know what I hear? Only the 52’s sharp entry slicing through a one- to...

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Mainship 34 Trawler

By | Posted December 2004

Automotively speaking, I’m just a tad different. My way of getting to a specific address in a town or city in a car, for example, continues to hew closely to one I glommed onto years ago in Tokyo,...

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Symbol 42 Classic Trawler

By | Posted March 2004

These days nothing ever seems to go the way I imagine. For example, when I strolled into the Seattle office of Holiday Marine Sales looking for Leif Bentzen, I was expecting a tall, young guy with...

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Uniesse 66 MY

By | Posted January 2004

Usually, I know a bit about a test boat before I test her—I’ve either done some preliminary Web-based research, read a brochure or two, or harkened to a little gossip. Occasionally, however, I...

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Beneteau Swift Trawler 42

By | Posted December 2003

Humphrey Bogart should be test-driving this baby, not me. That’s what I was thinking as I watched Beneteau’s Swift Trawler 42 sedately cross Back Creek en route to her slip at Bert Jabin’s Yacht Yard...

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Nordhavn 47

By | Posted February 2003

Prior to writing up a boat test, I normally put in a day or so on the phone, bird-dogging details. Are the brand names and engine designations on the specification sheets I’ve been given correct?...

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