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Part 2: Sevenstar’s agents will double check that you have the proper insurance and that everything onboard is secured.

By Diane M. Byrne


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Why such a dramatic increase in such a short time? The growing number of tournaments and the bigger prize money being offered arguably result in more boats participating in tournaments from coast to coast, as well as worldwide. Klabbers agrees, but he also points to the convenience of Sevenstar’s services. First, boats can travel without adding to their engine hours or needing to make fuel stops (which in some Third World countries isn’t always safe). Then there’s the personal toll—and we’re not just talking about taking weeks at a time off from work to deliver your own boat yourself. Even if you’re well-experienced in handling your 60-footer on your own or with an extra hand or two, why take chances, particularly where Mother Nature is concerned?

Here’s how Sevenstar’s service works. Before you can book your boat’s place on the ship, you need to decide what designated departure date is most convenient for you; Sevenstar has monthly sailings from ports like Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Vancouver, Canada (it also has departure points in Europe and Australia). When departure day comes, you and/or your crew take your boat to the port; alternately, you can arrange for Sevenstar’s Personal Yacht Delivery department to pick up your boat and take her. Sevenstar’s agents will double check that you have the proper insurance and that everything onboard is secured.

Whether you take your boat yourself to the departure port or use the delivery department’s service, Sevenstar’s loading masters use an onboard crane (capable of handling up to 240 metric tons) to lift your boat on deck, where she’s secured in place with a cradle system, including steel shores and nylon lashing straps that are connected to cleats and other strong points.

After dropping off your boat, you can relax until you receive the call notifying you that your battlewagon is at her final destination. But if you’d prefer to check on things while the transport ship is en route, Sevenstar provides a login and password for its Web site, where you can find out the ship’s current position and the latest arrival information.

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This article originally appeared in the June 2004 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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