Sunreef Yachts

90 Sunreef Power

By Kevin Koenig | Posted April 2013

First Look: 90 Sunreef Power While it's hard to beat nearly any catamaran design for space, it's definitely going to be a challenge to match the 90 Sunreef Power on that score. Learn more...

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Sunreef 70

By Kevin Koenig | Posted July 2012

Be it her range, her interior volume, or the feeling of satisfaction you’ll get while cruising her, everything about the new Sunreef 70 power catamaran is vast. Power & Motoryacht's...

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60 Sunreef Power

By Kevin Koenig | Posted April 2012

  One of the best reasons to own a catamaran is for the ample amount of onboard space a twin-hulled boat affords her owner. The 60-foot long Sunreef Power is no exception to that rule, with a...

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Sunreef Power 75

By Kevin Koenig | Posted April 2011

You may never have seen a boat quite like the Sunreef Power 75, a tri-deck cat outfitted for serious sportfishing. Sunreef introduced a powerboat line in 2008, and it instantly became a hit. The 75...

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Sunreef 70 Power

By Pete McDonald | Posted July 2010

Cat on the RunA longtime sailboat builder brings its first powercat to the States.I’ve always wanted a boat with a hot tub on the flying bridge. So I took particular interest in the Sunreef 70 Power...

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Sunreef 67 Power

By George L. Petrie | Posted August 2006

Sunreef 67 Power It’s just a question of time. Even the most diehard sailors will eventually be tempted to come over to “the dark side,” forgoing the laborious winching, hauling,...

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