Sportfishing Gear

Simple Fishing Lures

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted October 2015

Digging through a tackle box of memories.

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15 Essential Tools For Your Boat

By Capt. Steve Creel | Posted May 2015

With only so much space onboard, sometimes it’s hard to know which tools to bring, and which to leave behind. Let our expert help you out with that.

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Humminbird’s 360 Imaging

By Peter Swanson | Posted June 2013

Electronics manufacturer Humminbird has long served the freshwater angling market and kept an eye on the big picture. And now they’ve developed a radar-like sonar system...

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Si-Tex SVS-750 Digital Echosounder

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted January 2013

The Si-Tex SVS-750 is a dual-frequency digital echosounder with 600-watt output.

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CHIRP Transducers Are Revolutionizing the Fishfinder Industry

By Tim Bartlett | Posted March 2012

CHIRP transducers meet their match in sounder electronics, and the view below comes into sharp focus.

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XM WX Satellite Weather from Baron Services

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted March 2012

XM WX Satellite Weather derives data for the images from multiple sources to ensure good resolution.

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SST View from Terrafin Software

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted March 2012

Terrafin’s Web-based software service gives you Sea-surface temperature (SST) data for your cruising range and beyond at an affordable price.

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Cheeky Fly Fishing Mojo 425 Reel

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted March 2012

Form follows function in this work of American art.

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Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service

By Alyssa Haak | Posted March 2012

Good data is key for anglers who want to capitalize on fishing conditions...

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Handmade Lures

By Alyssa Haak | Posted March 2011

Knowing who designed and made your fishing gear can be rather alluring.Lefty KrehRainy’s FliesLefty Kreh began making his flies in 1947 and though he no longer actually ties them...

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Shimano Tekota 500

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted March 2011

Here’s a Swiss Army knife of rod and reel combos.I have separate reels and rods for fishing tuna on the chunk, while jigging, and for trolling. I have other gear for white marlin...

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Inboard Performance Sportfishing?

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted June 2010

Volvo Penta’s pod-drive technology is finding a home into an ever-growing number of anglers’ engine rooms.Spencer Yachts built the first sportfisherman to be powered by Volvo...

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Get a Good Spin on it

By Catherine Pearson | Posted March 2010

Saltwater spinning reels have come a long way, baby. Gone are the slow, heavy models of the past; today's reels are seriously high-performance—smooth, strong, and sprightly. Many...

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Angler accessories

By Catherine Pearson | Posted February 2009

You’re passionate about fishing. You know it. Your friends know it. And, darn it, you want the whole world to know it, too. Thankfully, there exist all manner of accessories—from...

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Quantum Leap

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted February 2008

A call out from a crewmember standing on the dock with a drag scale in hand broke the steamy August morning's silence: "Six pounds." Another crewmember stood in the 57-foot...

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Fishing by Satellite

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted February 2008

This chart from Offshore Satellite Services shows a break's predicted path.Sea Surface Temperature (SST) charts seem to be exactly what the name implies. But when it comes to the...

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Reel Big Fish

By Catherine Pearson | Posted February 2008

Heir ApparentAlutecnos Albacore Veloce 20The Albacore Veloce 20 is a member of the next generation of Alutecnos Reels, and it certainly is a worthy descendant. The Italian company...

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Take a Seat

By Mike Smith | Posted February 2007

You've got the boat, the rods, the reels, and the tackle, and you're ready to head offshore where the big billfish swim. But before you go, you need one more thing: a rugged...

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Fighting-Chair Physics

By Elizabeth Ginns... | Posted February 2007

All the time and money you’ve spent to match perfectly tuned engines to your well-rigged convertible, researching and selecting the most advanced electronics, and all those...

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In The Field: One Reel Deal

By | Posted October 2004

I’ve had the opportunity to fish with a large selection of saltwater reels. And after spending the summer trying out Avet’s latest EXW 4/02 reel, it’s become a fast favorite...

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