Fish Stories

Fish Stories

Around the World in 1,826 Days…or so

This 126-foot mothership will be home for the crew of Offshore Adventures for about five years.

Like squid drawn to a spreader light, angling aficionado and outdoor-sports TV-show producer and host Chris Fischer had to see what was swimming under the large, brightly lit, commercial-style boat sitting in the harbor at Costa Rica's

The Woes of the White Marlin

White marlin are often landed as incidental catch by longline fishing boats. It is now illegal to sell them commercially in the United States.

When it comes to the fate of the white marlin, there are battles being waged on many fronts. Not only is this migratory billfish

Black Marlin Boulevard

Alfred Glassell and his record black.

During the 1980's I spent time cruising the west coast of South America on oceangoing tugs. The company I worked for specialized in bulk cargoes and hearty ports like Antofagasta, Chile; Callao, Peru; and Guayaquil, Ecuador. Although such places handed me lots of exotic experiences, there were

Renaissance Men

Miller Marine's Bimbo (left) and Mike Miller.

Mike Miller and his brother Bimbo don't mess much with advertising and PR. So I first got wind of their Florida Panhandle boatbuilding operation, Miller Marine, the way most other folks do. While dock-walking a high-end bastion of sportfishing

Epic Battles

It was the first minutes of the tournament, and the moment I set the hook, the line started screaming. This fish was for real, and he'd eventually lead me into a give-and-take, stand-up battle that would last three hours.

The First Fish

When it comes to sportfishing, the names are legendary: Michael Lerner, Ernest Hemingway, Zane Grey, and Van Campen Heilner. But in 1897—a year before Hemingway was born, while Lerner and Heilner were still learning their ABCs, and Grey was just entering his mid-20s—enthusiastic angler, naturalist, and Massachusetts native Charles Frederick Holder was un-locking the door to big-game

Intro to the Edge

Something special happens between early summer and late fall off the East Coast of the United States. My friends and I call it “canyon season.” It’s a time for many tuna- and billfish-chasing anglers to spool up the Momoi, check drags, sharpen hooks, rig baits, break out the spreader bars, run the boat a hundred miles plus to far-flung waypoints, and prepare for greatness. That is, if you

Magic Carpet Ride

Photographer Jeffery Salter and I were just finishing a superb dinner at Angler’s Restaurant in Marsh Harbor, smack dab in the middle of Abaco Beach Resort, when I hit our hosts with a little misguided humor. What the heck—you only go round once in life, right? Why not have a few laughs en route?

“Lemme ask you guys a

Birth of the Battlewagon

A 2004 survey conducted by Fernandina Beach, Florida-based research group Southwick Associates found saltwater anglers in the United States spent an astounding $11.3 billion on their hobby in 2003. The statistics are not broken down by category, but the largest chunk of the $11 billion is undoubtedly spent on the piece de resistance for serious saltwater anglers: a flying bridge-equipped

Follow That Bill

Angler. Competitor. Adventurer. These words come to mind as I listen to Capt. Norm Isaacs talk about his life on and off the water, and it’s been quite the journey for this big-game top gun. But unlike most great stories of blue water and behemoth fish, this one starts out in Kansas.

That’s where Isaacs was born, but he grew up in Texas, where he began fishing from riverbanks for freshwater

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