Fish Stories

Fish Stories

Teeth Dreams

A father reluctantly sets out to take his kids shark fishing and returns with a boatload of memories, and a changed mind.

A Story of Man vs. Shark

For one angler, a typical day shark fishing turned into a toothy, bloody, hand-to-hand fight to the death in the blink of an eye. When a reader went mako fishing off New Jersey he was never expecting to be the one that ended up getting caught. Read about his eye-to-eye encounter with a very angry shark.

Catching a Giant Bluefin Tuna

There may be no greater challenge in the fishing world than landing a giant bluefin. Our author can tell you that from experience, as he recounts a fish he landed years ago, and the crew’s skill and bravery in getting it to the boat.

Chasing the Blues Away

Opportunities come and go, but how you play the game is no fluke.

Wonderful September weather and an epic canyon report pointed to an offshore trip where we vowed to get even with the pelagics that had eluded us much of the season..

Fishing for world-class black marlin in Austrailia

An angler goes Down Under in search of a record grander. The technique for catching big black marlin is to troll large, bridle-rigged baits off outriggers at about seven knots, the baits skipping 100 feet behind the boat. The weapon of choice is 130-pound-class tackle—better for the angler but also the fish. A stout outfit can take on the biggest fish but is also useful to quickly horse in smaller fish...

Distant Shores

“It’s only an island if you look at it from the water.”
—Chief Martin Brody, Jaws

There’s something to be said for surrounding yourself with water for as far as the eye can see. Most of you know what I’m talking about. The physical separation of getting out, getting away, and changing your perspective is a big part of the sea’s

Electric Purple

It’s what happens when mother nature gets an attitude. Lightning is not my friend. Sure, cloud-to-cloud bolts can be a spectacle to behold; they’re like a Fourth of July display but without the cleanup afterwards. (Ooh, and it’s so romantic, say those log-cabin-in-the-woods diamond commercials on TV.) And cloud-to-boat lightning can be a spectacle too, unless it’s your boat lighting up, and then it’s more of an—oh, say, heart stress test.
Depending on where you fall on the lightning-enthusiasm scale, I’ve either had the fortune or misfortune to have several run-ins with Mother Nature’s electrical discharge.

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