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The Call of the Wild

Fancy Dancy Avionics

By Elizabeth Ginns Britten — March 2005

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One of the three flights I took to get to Warroad, Minnesota, was aboard a private, four-seat, Cirrus Design SR22-G2 aircraft, which was spectacularly cool. Since I’m not a fan of flying in general—even on commercial jetliners—I was surprised at how comfortable I felt once airborne. That was partly to do with the aircraft’s safety features, which include a wing design that offers roll control and pre-stall warning, an ice-protection system, and a parachute that lowers the entire aircraft to the ground when all alternatives have been exhausted.

Equally noteworthy, though, are the aircraft’s state-of-the-art electronics. The glass cockpit—reportedly the first of its kind—includes a 10.4-inch Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD) of the same size, plus two additional five-inch display GPS receivers. Within the PFD are an electronic attitude indicator, electronic horizontal situation indicator, altimeter, air-speed indicator, and vertical-speed indicator. The MFD provides a moving map; engine monitoring info; fuel optimizer; and lighting, weather, traffic, terrain, en route, and destination information. —E.G.B.

Cirrus Design ( (888) 750-9926.

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This article originally appeared in the February 2005 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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