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A "Memorable" Season

It all started last June when my brother Chip showed up to the boat as we departed for our first tournament of the year in a sling. "What happened?" I asked. "Work," he replied. "I'll be alright, I took some Advil." We left for four days and Chip did his best, sling and

The Kid Can Fish

Richard DeMarte is an old salt—at only 15-years old.

It's not unusual for professional anglers to be sponsored by gear manufacturers and boat companies. But typically those anglers aren't 15-years old. Meet Richard DeMarte.

DeMarte has caught and tagged more than 550 striped bass.

Like many

Get a Good Spin on it

Saltwater spinning reels have come a long way, baby. Gone are the slow, heavy models of the past; today's reels are seriously high-performance—smooth, strong, and sprightly. Many of the newest offerings work just as well with mono or braided line and the real creme de la creme feature must-haves like fully supported main shafts and dent-resistant materials. Here are a few of the very best models

Making It Her Way

Cindy Garrison never let adversity keep her down.

Garrison has fished from Alaska to Africa.

If you want to succeed as a professional fisherman, all you need is the dream and a cow. Or two.

Okay, maybe there’s a couple of other ways to go about it, but for adventure angler, TV show host, and

A Record Year

Even a bad transmission couldn't keep this team from taking first place.

Sometimes a picture is worth a million dollars. Eight-year-old Emily Hudgens drew an image of a big whitemarlin on some paper and gave it to her daddy, Capt. Justin Hudgens, as he was preparing to run the 77-foot Hatteras, Orion, in this year's

Shark Attack Tournament

For most attendees, The Monster Shark Tournament is just a day of great fishing. For others, the sight of the hanging sharks is a call to protest.

A fish hanging by its tail on a weigh-in stand is acommon sight at any big-game tournament, asare photographers snapping shots of thewinner. But when tournament workers wavetheir

Catch of the Day

Florida fisherman hooked quite a haul in June: Instead of reeling in a red grouper, he snagged himself an air-to-air missile that had been fired by an F-15 fighter jet.

Longtime commercial fisherman Rodney Saloman says he was longlining in the Gulf of Mexico when he snagged the corroded missile about 50 miles off Panama City, Florida. He said he wasn’t

Catch’em in the Kayak

Barry and one of his foes gettin’ cozy in the cockpit of his kayak.

Angler Michael Barry’s line came tight as he sat on a kayak just a few inches above the bathwater-warm Pacific Ocean. He literally came eye-to-eye with his foe: a Costa Rican sailfish. The road to


Sunrise at Turneffe Flats atoll.

It’s 6 a.m. and I’m in paradise.

A warm Belizean morning starts off with rain doing a two-step on the roof above my bed. I peel the pillow from my face and pry myself from the comfort of this marshmallow-soft queen bed. Shuffling my feet into a pair of sandals I step out from my villa, one

Send a Strong Signal

Want a razor-sharp image like this 17" Furuno’s? Then you’ll need a top-quality sounder module.

Everyone’s familiar with fishfinders; they’ve been around for years. But if your boat operates in deep water and you need outstanding resolution for, say, serious offshore fishing, your

Montauk Calling

Beaches, history, and angling opportunities abound in Montauk.

What famous fishing locale did The New York Times once describe thusly: “A better fishing ground cannot be found than off this bold, desolate promontory...Within a rifle shot of the lighthouse…is to be caught almost every fish that swims in the Northern Atlantic”? None

Angler accessories

You’re passionate about fishing. You know it. Your friends know it. And, darn it, you want the whole world to know it, too. Thankfully, there exist all manner of accessories—from jewelry to stuffed toys—to help angling enthusiasts like you celebrate your zeal for all things piscatorial. So, whether it’s a T-shirt with a sense of history or a mug that brings you back to the deep blue, consider

Patience In Paradise

Part 1: The Hunt

We ride east in a black Mitsubishi SUV. This part of Grand Bahama Island is desolate. The sun cuts through low-lying conifers, scrub brush, and burnt forest. Oil-depot casks, rusting and caked in beige paint, are one of the few intrusions among the sparse growth. A few gravel driveways leading to bonefishing

When Fishing Gets (Un)Fun

Most trips start off with dreams of a boatload of fish. But a bad forecast can make angling shift from uncomfortable to dangerous in a blink.

I looked up into the frothy-white-topped wave, which towered five feet over my head, and watched a yellowfin tuna swim by me. "Wait a

When Fishing Gets (Un)Fun

Most trips start off with dreams of a boatload of fish. But a bad forecast can make angling shift from uncomfortable to dangerous in a blink.

I looked up into the frothy-white-topped wave, which towered five feet over my head, and watched a yellowfin tuna swim by me. "Wait a

Give a Little, Get a Lot

Sgt. Aaron Hackett, who completed one tour of duty in Iraq and is headed out for a second one this fall, took a weekend out for quality family fishing time. Here's Hackett with son Chance.

Many years ago while working as a newspaper journalist, I was assigned to cover The Moving Wall, a half-size replica of The Vietnam Veterans

Around the World in 1,826 Days…or so

This 126-foot mothership will be home for the crew of Offshore Adventures for about five years.

Like squid drawn to a spreader light, angling aficionado and outdoor-sports TV-show producer and host Chris Fischer had to see what was swimming under the large, brightly lit, commercial-style boat sitting in the harbor at Costa Rica's

Meet the RFA

The RFA's executive director, Jim Donofrio.

In the mid 1990's a professional captain and passionate angler by the name of Jim Donofrio began a dialogue with Bob Healey, cofounder of Viking Yachts. The two discussed their mutual frustration with what they saw as the complete lack of attention being paid to recreational

Black Marlin Boulevard

Alfred Glassell and his record black.

During the 1980's I spent time cruising the west coast of South America on oceangoing tugs. The company I worked for specialized in bulk cargoes and hearty ports like Antofagasta, Chile; Callao, Peru; and Guayaquil, Ecuador. Although such places handed me lots of exotic experiences, there were

The Woes of the White Marlin

White marlin are often landed as incidental catch by longline fishing boats. It is now illegal to sell them commercially in the United States.

When it comes to the fate of the white marlin, there are battles being waged on many fronts. Not only is this migratory billfish

Quantum Leap

A call out from a crewmember standing on the dock with a drag scale in hand broke the steamy August morning's silence: "Six pounds." Another crewmember stood in the 57-foot sportfisherman's behemoth cockpit with a 30-pound-class reel secured to a rod set in the rocket launcher and, after hearing the number, dropped the outfit's smooth-sliding lever drag back to

Fishing by Satellite

This chart from Offshore Satellite Services shows a break's predicted path.

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) charts seem to be exactly what the name implies. But when it comes to the ones tuned for anglers, there's a lot more to them. A variety of companies offer an assortment of SST charts, and the cost ranges from free to more than

Reel Big Fish

Heir Apparent

Alutecnos Albacore Veloce 20

The Albacore Veloce 20 is a member of the next generation of Alutecnos Reels, and it certainly is a worthy descendant. The Italian company gave its new reel, which retails for around $500, a more rounded look and an improved, ergonomic handle that has the

Renaissance Men

Miller Marine's Bimbo (left) and Mike Miller.

Mike Miller and his brother Bimbo don't mess much with advertising and PR. So I first got wind of their Florida Panhandle boatbuilding operation, Miller Marine, the way most other folks do. While dock-walking a high-end bastion of sportfishing

Epic Battles

It was the first minutes of the tournament, and the moment I set the hook, the line started screaming. This fish was for real, and he'd eventually lead me into a give-and-take, stand-up battle that would last three hours.

Tag Today, Save Tomorrow

I'm a product of the Jaws generation, and while I was growing up on Long Island's south shore, my head was filled with dreams of catching big sharks. The standard gameplan was to make for the deep onboard my dad's boat and hook up a monster. After we caught the toothy critter, he'd be turned into steaks and then grilled over an open flame with some lemon while we all celebrated our victory

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