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Lobsterboat Races of the Maine Coast

At first Travis Otis, a rough-and-ready lobsterman and boatbuilder from Searsport, Maine, seems like a reasonable sort of guy. Engage him in a stint of friendly conversation, and he’ll quickly convince you that he enjoys a wholly conventional lifestyle, complete with a flourishing family business and a 36-foot Northern Bay lobsterboat that pulls enough traps during the season to guarantee him a comfortable living.

Interview with Captain Ron Hamlin

You heard it from Hamlin

We Chat Up This Conservation-Minded Angling Pioneer.

In the world of big-game fishing, Capt. Ron Hamlin needs no introduction. Indeed, it would take pages upon pages to list this angler’s many achievements and contributions to the sport. Chief among them? Hamlin has been one of

The South Jersey Shark Tournament

Chasing Snaggletooth

The South Jersey Shark Tournament gives anglers an introduction to biggame competition and impressive paydays too.

The acrobatic mako is the superstar at this tournament.

Most boat owners don’t start by

Conservation Corner

Bluefin Blues

The world’s biggest tuna is less than half the fish it used to be.

I stood on the dock in Bimini, Bahamas, surrounded by the carcasses of a dozen or more giant bluefin tuna, the result of the day’s weigh-in of the local tuna tournament. A few locals descended on the dock with large knives to cut off steaks for dinner. The

Old-School Tuna Fishing

Back In The Day

Polar bear-size bluefin once prowled near-shore Northeast waters and launched decades of epic tournament fishing.

In the early part of the 20th century, East Coast commercial fishermen were dismayed that bluefin tuna weighing 500-plus

Fishing with Technology

Fishing with Technology

Blending electronics know-how with natural angling instinct can give your team a leg up on tournament day.

The old saying in fishing is “you can’t catch what’s not there.” And when people ask me for one piece of angling advice regarding fishfinding, my response is “fish where the fish are.” When heading offshore, one of the most difficult

Mid-Atlantic Marlin Hotspot

Grander Country

The waters off the mid-Atlantic are the new 1,000-pound marlin hotspot.

Over the last three years, record-setting blue marlin of more than 1,000 pounds have been brought to tournament scales in the mid-Atlantic region three times. The White Marlin Open (WMO) in Ocean City, Maryland, hoisted two in consecutive years (1,062 pounds in 2009 and 1,010.5

Battling Black Marlin Off Costa Rica

Middle-Aged Man & the Sea

Forty-five miles off Marina Pez Vela, Costa Rica, I was recently fortunate enough to witness one of life’s intimate and constant dramas. Onboard were marina executive Juan Montalto, his sons Esteban, age 15, and Jose, 13, and the crew. We were trolling the

From The Tackle Box

The Screamin’ Drag

I’ll never forget the first time I heard the song that changed everything.

It was 1980, and my family was taking a vacation to the Sunshine State. I had just finished the school year and was excited to go on my first airplane ride. The flight was very cool, but even more awesome was when my dad, my brother, Chip, and myself

2011 Big Game Tournament Listings


March 11-13
Key West Fishing Tournament Kickoff 2011
Location: Key West & Lower Keys, FL
Contact: Doris Harris, Box 2514,
Key West, FL 33045
Phone: 305-295-6601
Web site:

Fishing head-to-head

He Said, He Said

Two anglers go head-to-head at the Bertram-Hatteras Shootout and offer the final tally as they see it.

Capt. Bill Pike (with camera) onboard Screamin Eagle.

Triumph of the Geezer

By Capt. Bill Pike

Saltwater Fly Fishing with Lefty Kreh

The Mayor Of Saltwater City

Lefty Kreh brought modern big-game fly fishing to millions.

Kreh is not only famous, he’s famous for being a renegade. His casting technique (“Lefty’s Composite Cast”) emphasizes a side-arm style—he’s shown here “shooting line”

On Greatness and Agony

On Greatness and Agony

The sea was glass-calm. A mid-summer’s sun shone bright over cobalt waters that featured hints of purple. Our Blinky IV fishing team was trolling a 500-fathom contour line that lies about 65 miles offshore of Ocean City, Maryland. The scene was set for magic to

Handmade Lures

Knowing who designed and made your fishing gear can be rather alluring.

Lefty Kreh

Rainy’s Flies
Lefty Kreh began making his flies in 1947 and though he no longer actually ties them, his designs can be found on the shelves of almost any bait shop. In particular, Lefty’s Deceiver has become an icon of fly fishing.


Shimano Tekota 500

Here’s a Swiss Army knife of rod and reel combos.

I have separate reels and rods for fishing tuna on the chunk, while jigging, and for trolling. I have other gear for white marlin, blue marlin, shark fishing, and more. So last season I decided to simplify at least my inshore setup by finding a rod-and-reel combination that I could use for a variety of

A Tuna Story

How many anglers does it take to catch one 70-pound yellowfin? On some days, it takes all of them.

If you walk into any seaside pub, you’ll probably see fishermen chatting amiably as cold pints slide across a scarred bar top, each nick in the heavily varnished wood representing a beer

Inboard Performance Sportfishing?

Volvo Penta’s pod-drive technology is finding a home into an ever-growing number of anglers’ engine rooms.

Spencer Yachts built the first sportfisherman to be powered by Volvo Penta's IPS. She's equipped with twin 435-hp IPS600s.

When Volvo Penta first developed its Inboard Performance System (IPS), with its articulated,

Reel Games

Technology has put major fish-stopping power in midsize reels.

Thanks to enhancements in technology, such as extra-strong braided lines that have a thinner diameter than traditional monofilament but the same strength as conventional mono, we’ve entered a new era in reel design. New models have been downsized as line capacity has increased and now feature specially machined gears

A Memory-Making Marlin

A South Carolina-based crew goes toe-to-toe with its first grander.

Thousands gathered to see this once-in-a lifetime fish.

“Tom, do you have the binoculars?” I asked as the 58-foot Viking No Problem calmly cruised into Ocean

The Fish Bucket List

Ten must-do events for serious big-game anglers.

Throughout their lives, most anglers will spend a majority of their time fishing tournaments in their local waters.

But one of the great appeals of heading off to blue water is the unknown. So perhaps it's time to spread your tournament wings and try trolling those baits across some new fathom lines. Here, in no particular

Virginia is for Sailfish?

An epic billfish bite (and great food) dominated the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament.

The weather could’ve been better (damn hurricane), but the Virignia Beach Billfish Tournament saw one of its best billfish bites ever as the barometer dipped.The fish flags this rain-soaked crew is flying tell the story.


2010 Big Game Tournaments Listing

Are you ready to wet a line? Is your crew prepared to compete against the best? If the answer is yes, then we have a tournament here for your team. Actually, we have about 50 events to choose from. Everywhere from the marlin-rich waters of Cabo San Lucas to the Mid-Atlantic's tuna-filled canyons, we

Tackle Tips

Dredge for Success

Trolling your own school of fish can pay big dividends when targeting marlin.

For many years, top billfish crews had a white marlin-raising, tournament-success secret: They used dredges. As many of you know, a dredge involves hanging dozens of hookless baits off multi-arm umbrella-shape rigs and trolling them. The secret’s out now, but, even so,

Conservation Corner

Sorry Charlie

Why is the biggest tuna in the sea on the brink of collapse?

Atlantic bluefin tuna are arguably the most valuable commodity in the sea. A single fish can sell for thousands of dollars, and sometimes, tens of thousands. For that reason, you would assume stocks

From the Tackle Box

A "Memorable" Season

It all started last June when my brother Chip showed up to the boat as we departed for our first tournament of the year in a sling. "What happened?" I asked. "Work," he replied. "I'll be alright, I took some Advil." We left for four days and Chip did his best, sling and

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