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If you’re not fishing a tournament with bait and hook-type restrictions, then why not try to mix it up with a blue marlin?

Catch a Sailfish from Your Boat

Ever wonder if you could catch a sailfish from your boat? Check out this one-page angling gameplan and get into some billfish action—we’re pretty sure you’ll come home with a fish story. See the plan here.

Massachusetts and NOAA Pay Anglers Not to Fish

Massachusetts, in partnership with NOAA Fisheries, made an offer to pay 700 saltwater anglers $500 each to give up their fishing licenses for the year. The program is part of a study to measure the perceived value of recreational fishing.

Gamefisherman builds a megayacht

A builder of custom sportfishermen tries its hand at a mothership. Gamefisherman designed its mothership around its vaunted custom sportfisherman. Mike Matlack made his mark in fishing boats. Now he’s trying to in megayachts. mothership.

Fishing for world-class black marlin in Austrailia

An angler goes Down Under in search of a record grander. The technique for catching big black marlin is to troll large, bridle-rigged baits off outriggers at about seven knots, the baits skipping 100 feet behind the boat. The weapon of choice is 130-pound-class tackle—better for the angler but also the fish. A stout outfit can take on the biggest fish but is also useful to quickly horse in smaller fish...

SST View from Terrafin Software

Here’s how to know where the fishing is hot: Terrafin’s Web-based software service gives you Sea-surface temperature (SST) data for your cruising range and beyond at an affordable price.

Cheeky Fly Fishing Mojo 425 Reel

PMY Tested: Form follows function in this work of American art. I can still hear the rain pelting the bill of my cap as I stepped aboard the water taxi in Ketchikan, Alaska. I had arrived to join a motoryacht delivery to Seattle via the Inside Passage, and I couldn’t wait to see the wild country...

Marina Pez Vela, Costa Rica

Off Costa Rica’s Marina Pez Vela, an Indo-Pacific sailfish puts the “trip” in fishing trip. We visit Marina Pez Vela, a full-service marina with high-end condos and a luxury shopping area under construction that has its hopes set on becoming a Mecca for boaters and sportfishermen alike...

Teachable Moments

Bad weather’s no match for the young at heart.

It wasn’t ideal boating weather, with a steady ENE breeze and summer rain. But enthusiastic six-year-olds don’t notice such things. When they want to go fishing, nothing can get in the way—not wind, rain, TV, or even the computer.

I am sure my father experienced the same thing when he taught me to fish. But now it was my turn, and the student was my nephew. If you want to be successful teaching children to fish, remember two things: Keep it simple and make it fun. Keep it simple by going after fish that are easy to catch; make it fun by fishing where you get a lot of bites. Out on my Manasquan River, the incoming tide and onshore wind would offer some excellent drifting—perfect for targeting fluke.

The Brett Taylor Bailey Mako Rodeo

Mountains to the Sea: Ten Years After 9/11, The BTB Mako Rodeo Keeps Alive The Memory Of One Victim. There are a lot of adjectives people commonly use to describe those who pass away before their time. Fearless is not one of them...

Distant Shores

“It’s only an island if you look at it from the water.”
—Chief Martin Brody, Jaws

There’s something to be said for surrounding yourself with water for as far as the eye can see. Most of you know what I’m talking about. The physical separation of getting out, getting away, and changing your perspective is a big part of the sea’s

Electric Purple

It’s what happens when mother nature gets an attitude. Lightning is not my friend. Sure, cloud-to-cloud bolts can be a spectacle to behold; they’re like a Fourth of July display but without the cleanup afterwards. (Ooh, and it’s so romantic, say those log-cabin-in-the-woods diamond commercials on TV.) And cloud-to-boat lightning can be a spectacle too, unless it’s your boat lighting up, and then it’s more of an—oh, say, heart stress test.
Depending on where you fall on the lightning-enthusiasm scale, I’ve either had the fortune or misfortune to have several run-ins with Mother Nature’s electrical discharge.

Lobsterboat Races of the Maine Coast

At first Travis Otis, a rough-and-ready lobsterman and boatbuilder from Searsport, Maine, seems like a reasonable sort of guy. Engage him in a stint of friendly conversation, and he’ll quickly convince you that he enjoys a wholly conventional lifestyle, complete with a flourishing family business and a 36-foot Northern Bay lobsterboat that pulls enough traps during the season to guarantee him a comfortable living.

Interview with Captain Ron Hamlin

You heard it from Hamlin

We Chat Up This Conservation-Minded Angling Pioneer.

In the world of big-game fishing, Capt. Ron Hamlin needs no introduction. Indeed, it would take pages upon pages to list this angler’s many achievements and contributions to the sport. Chief among them? Hamlin has been one of

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