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Viking Yachts 42 Open

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted May 2011

Poetry In MotionViking Yachts puts a new twist on propulsion with a fast, fun super-performer. Now this was going to be interesting! Viking Yachts was making its first foray into the realm of pod-...

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Hatteras GT63

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted May 2011

A trip to the Bahamas shows that this 63-footer has taken fishablity, speed, and comfort to the next level. The expanse of violaceous Gulf Stream water off of Pompano Beach, Florida’s Hillsboro...

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Sunreef Power 75

By Kevin Koenig | Posted April 2011

You may never have seen a boat quite like the Sunreef Power 75, a tri-deck cat outfitted for serious sportfishing. Sunreef introduced a powerboat line in 2008, and it instantly became a hit. The 75...

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SeaVee 430 Sport Express

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted March 2011

Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the SeaVee 430 Sport Express.

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Titan 75

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted March 2011

One Man’s PassionHaving built his ultimate battlewagon, this accomplished angler now wants to build one for you.A successful businessman develops an interest in sportfishing that quickly evolves into...

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Bertram 540

By Kevin Koenig | Posted March 2011

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? The Bertram 540 is a modern-day version of the much-loved original Bertram 54 and retains the 54’s famously sharp bow, long waterline, and deep-V hull...

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Conch 44

By Kevin Koenig | Posted March 2011

He who possesses the conch possesses the power. While the preceding sentence may be a major plot point in the William Golding classic Lord of the Flies, it may very soon apply to the world of...

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Cabo 44 Hardtop Express

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted March 2011

Triple ThreatThis 44-foot hardtop-equipped express is equally at home chasing billfish, dayboating, or cruising.Three out of four live ballyhoo-rigged circle hooks went down as three sailfish took to...

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Viking 42 Convertible

By Kevin Koenig | Posted March 2011

From out of South Jersey comes another Viking build that may be destined to become a classic. Although she is the smallest Viking, the 42 has a big attitude. With aggressively raked lines and a dark...

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Luhrs 37 IPS

By Kevin Koenig | Posted February 2011

With its new 37 IPS, Luhrs has set out to prove that big things really can come in smaller packages. The boat is the first in the builder’s Canyon Series line, which Luhrs claims is the only group...

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Spencer 70 Enclosed Bridge

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted January 2011

Super StarSpencer Yachts and Volvo Penta build a custom battlewagon that does it all.I love stuff that’s new and different. And from the hints I’d gotten from the guys who had designed and built her...

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Viking 70 Convertible

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted December 2010

Riding the EdgeThis 70-footer was born to run hard and fast, turn on a dime, and chase big fish.A sleek feature line is worth a thousand words.That was my first thought as I gazed at the...

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Riviera 43 Open Flybridge

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted November 2010

It’s All About the BoatRiviera builds a boat that makes you forget about pods.Over the last few years I’ve tested quite a few boats that were equipped with pod drives. Some were more successful than...

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Hatteras GT60

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted November 2010

Hatteras enhances its GT60 Convertible’s form while maintaining her at-sea performance. Sometimes messing around with something already very good can make it even better. I recently came to...

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Bertram 800

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted October 2010

Wicked ToughFast and supremely seaworthy, this 80-foot battlewagon is the biggest, baddest Bertram ever.The day was certainly getting off to a serene start. The canal behind Bertram’s Fort Lauderdale...

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ACY 68

By Pete McDonald | Posted May 2010

How often does the builder of a sportfisherman have to qualify a recorded top end of 43 knots?American Custom Yachts (ACY), known for building some of the world’s fastest battlewagons, did just that...

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2010 Viking 76 Convertible

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted March 2010

One Big, Bad BoatThoroughbred Speed, Cat-like Agility, and Linebacker Brawn Define this Jersey-built Battlewagon.The seas off windy Riviera Beach, Florida, were set in a three- to four-foot steep...

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Bertram 511

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted March 2010

A Blast from the PastBertram's new battlewagon is suffused with the spirit of her ancestors.Nothin' else like it in the world," I yelled as our Bertram 511 prototype swung a broad, gracefully banked...

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Sessa C43

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted August 2009

Sometimes looks aren’t deceiving. This boat really is fast.Italian builders are well known for their stylish exterior lines and opulent interiors, but because of that people sometimes assume that...

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American Custom Yachts 90

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted July 2009

Back in 1989, Monterey Marine, which became American Custom Yachts (ACY), launched a vessel named Renegade. At 80 feet LOA, her displacement was a mere 120,000 pounds, even with twin 7,000-hp MTU...

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Viking 57 Convertible

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted July 2009

When I first got into the boat-testing biz some 21 years ago, European styling was thought by most American experts of the day to be the greatest import to cross the pond since sliced gelato. Even...

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Cabo Yachts 52 Flybridge

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted June 2009

Laid up in the desert, this boat is built for serious ocean travels.The new Cabo Yachts 52 Flybridge (FB) and last year’s Cabo 52 Express may share the same Divinycell-cored hull and 1,675-hp...

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Nordhavn 75

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted June 2009

There are two ways to explain the Nordhavn 75 Expedition Yachtfisher (EYF). One is that if you want to not only go after really big fish but find them in abundance, you have to venture beyond coastal...

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Tiara 4800 Convertible

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted April 2009

I turned my back to the optional teak helm, and with an unobstructed view of the cockpit, I pictured my angler—complete with his gold Penn VSX16 loaded up with green high-vis line—reeling for his...

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Double Down

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted April 2009

A megayacht fisherman with a reported high-40-knot speed.Would you like a tower station that’s accessed from a retractable internal ladder? Maybe radar arrays and antennas stealthily built into...

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