Sea Ray

Sea Ray 400 Fly

Our Boat Test of the Sea Ray 400 Fly. Sea Ray has a world-class reputation for building sporty express boats. Capt. Richard Thiel tests the new 400 Fly to see if the new design unravels or cements the legacy.

Sea Ray L650 Fly

Our Boat Test of the Sea Ray L650 Fly. 

With its new L650 model, Sea Ray is breaking into the realm of true yachts. She’s got a level of detail and luxury that may surprise you. Learn more here.

Sea Ray 510 Fly

Power & Motoryacht’s Boat Test of the Sea Ray 510 Fly

Sea Ray’s all-new 510 Fly announces the company’s surge into the yachting class. With excellent maneuverability and creative use of onboard space, this boat looks to be a gem. Capt. Bill Pike tested her out.

Sea Ray 510 Fly

Power & Motoryacht's first look at the Sea Ray 510 Fly.

The new Sea Ray 510 Fly launched with much fanfare at the 2013 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show. Journalists, show-goers, and industry insiders alike gawked at her dynamic use of onboard space. Sea Ray’s designers really pushed themselves with this boat, and it shows.

Sea Ray 510 Sundancer

Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the Sea Ray 510 Sundancer

When Sea Ray was looking to refresh its Sundancer line, it started with a clean slate. It shows: The boat’s exterior wows from every angle and she exhibits creative use of space from the “sunroom” saloon through the companionable galley and into the accommodations. See what we found out in our test here.

Sea Ray 370 Venture

Power & Motoryacht's First Look at the Sea Ray 370 Venture

SHHHHH! The Sea Ray 370 Venture has a secret—outboard propulsion by way of a pair of 300-horsepower Mercury Verado four-strokes. Learn more about the design here.

Sea Ray 510 Sundancer

Power & Motoryacht's first look at the Sea Ray 510 Sundancer. Sea Ray’s proven Sundancer line gets a makeover with the 510 and there’s a lot to like. Just look at the generous entertainment spaces encapsulated in this sleek profile, and draw your own conclusions. 

Sea Ray 410 Sundancer

Our Executive Editor cuts a rug onboard Sea Ray’s latest sport yacht, the 410 Sundancer, and finds plenty to like—if you’re into fun Boat test of the Sea Ray 410 Sundancer. Back in the day, thanks to what they call bonne chance in southern Louisiana, I crossed trails with a fabulous old Cajun by the name of Justin Wilson. He had a popular cooking show on TV at the time and a bunch of books, cookbooks, and videos on the market. And because we hit it off from the start, he kindly offered to help me with a story I was doing about Louisiana-built boats, Cajun restaurants, and whatever else I could dream up...

Sea Ray 450 Sedan Bridge

Performance Wizard



The latest Sea Ray makes magic on the water thanks to careful engineering and Zeus-inspired maneuverability.


I first caught sight of the new 450 Sedan Bridge as I strolled down the hill to the marina behind Sea Ray’s Merritt Island facility. Even from afar, one particular aspect of the vessel’s stylish persona stood head and shoulders above the

Sea Ray 540 Sundancer

n the bigger scheme of things, 2005 doesn’t seem like very long ago. But four years in the pleasure-boating industry brings lots of change: an influx of European styling, upgraded electronics, and most importantly, the introduction and meteoric rise of pod drives. With all the advances piling up, it’s not that big of a surprise that Sea Ray decided to replace its 52 Sundancer. After all, it had

The Way Forward: Sea Ray Goes Electric

The first thing I noticed about Sea Ray's so-called "Green Boat" was her conventional appearance. Sure, there was something atop the bimini—a Sharp solar collector—but the gizmo was inconspicuous. And the hull sides were a perky willow green, with racy, black waterline stripes proclaiming: HYBRID. But otherwise, our test boat du jour looked like a regular ol' off-the-shelf 240 Sundancer.

Sea Ray 350 Sundancer

When I learned that I was going to test the newest Sea Ray Sundancer, the 350, I wasn’t exactly ecstatic. Nothing against the boat, mind you. Sundancers are fine craft. But they can be journalistically challenging, as changes from year to year often appear to be--at least at first glance--more incremental than revolutionary. Such is the case with the 350, which replaces the similar 340 and joins

Sea Ray 47 SB

After hiding my mouth under a respirator and slipping on protective eyewear, I entered the Sea Ray plant in Palm Coast, Florida, where workers were grinding away on a column of vessels that stretched the length of the massive building. I was there to test a 47 Sedan Bridge (SB), a boat that had just made it less than a hundred yards from that very building to a small, murky inlet off the

Sea Ray 47 Sedan Bridge

Sea Ray 47 Sedan Bridge

Although the Sea Ray 47 Sedan Bridge has a pair of 578-hp Cummins QSC-600 diesels tucked inside for thrills, the boat appears more dedicated to enclaves for relaxing.

Beginning on the sedan bridge, the place to sit is forward of the wheel, in a four-person, diner-style booth that offers a great locale

Sea Ray 330 Sundancer

The Sea Ray 330 Sundancer replaces the Sea Ray 320 Sundancer, a six-year veteran to which it bears striking similarities in both design and appearance. Both boats can be ordered with stern drives or V-drives, in either case yielding a roomy interior comprised of forward and midcabin staterooms (the latter under the

Sea Ray 55 Sundancer

When I drew the assignment to test the Sea Ray 55 Sundancer, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. I’ve tested I don’t know how many Sundancers over the years, and I know they can be hard to write about. The basic Sundancer concept—a midcabin, V-drive, express cruiser—is long established, well-proven, highly successful, and essentially unchanging. Differences from year to year tend to be

Sea Ray 60 Sundancer

So when the second-largest-ever boat in the line, the 60 Sundancer, premiered earlier this year at the Miami International Boat Show, I expected a near riot on the quays. Fortunately there was plenty of room for a dozen at a time to tour a vessel that's the essence of a successful three-decade run.

Take the 41/2-foot-wide standard hydraulic swim platform, well-suited for a PWC or RIB. "We

Sea Ray 36 Sedan Bridge

It had been just about a year since I'd tested my last gasoline-powered boat when I stepped aboard the Sea Ray 36 Sedan Bridge, and boy, had things changed. Not so much with boats, but rather with gasoline. See, that very day, oil had hit $70 a barrel for the first time, causing ripples in financial markets and, more relevant to my endeavor, making three- and maybe four-dollar-a-gallon gasoline

Sea Ray 38 Sundancer

It was a picture-perfect Sunshine State day, the mid-September morning I arrived in Melbourne to test the Sea Ray 38 Sundancer. Bright blue sky, puffy white clouds, sun beating down—the kind of day Florida is famous for, the kind of day that makes you want to slow down, take a deep breath, and relax. My flight from New York City had landed early, there was nobody in line at the rental car

Sea Ray 48 Sundancer

Success often breeds repetition. When something works well, it's human nature not to reinvent it. Arguably, the Sea Ray Sundancer series is the most successful franchise in boating, so when it came time to replace one of the most successful Dancers, the 460, Sea Ray engineers didn't reinvent the wheel. They just trued it up a little.

Dropping the zero from the model designation was step

Sea Ray 500 Sedan Bridge

When Sea Ray invited me to do a ride-along boat test on its new 500 Sedan Bridge, the guys said they were leaving from the marina behind the Sanibel Resort at five o’clock in the morning. So I checked into a room at the resort the night before, caught a couple of winks, and wandered out into the dark well before dawn. Luckily, a glimmer of light emanated from the 500, which, for reasons too

Sea Ray 550 Sedan Bridge

There’s a dictum in gambling: Don’t change tactics when you’re on a roll. It works when you’re trying to win money, and it works in boatbuilding, too—at least judging from the Sea Ray 550 Sedan Bridge.

One of those tactics is a design in which the dining table and U-shape settee are well forward on the main deck and directly across from the starboard galley. Obviously this vastly simplifies

Sea Ray 420 Sedan Bridge

As the story goes, Charles Darwin happened upon one of science's most important theories while visiting the Galapagos Islands aboard HMS Beagle. Furthermore, he came up with his treatise on natural selection—the passing on of favorable genetic traits that provides an advantage for survival over other species, especially if that environment changes—long after his return to England.

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