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Maintenance Q & A — November 2004
By Capt. Ken Kreisler

There is a Difference
PMY Tries... Spot-Less Water Filter/Softener

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• PMY Tries... Spot-Less Water Filter/Softener

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PMY reader Tim Burke runs his 38-foot Phoenix sportfisherman, which doubles as a dive boat, out of Shark River, New Jersey. And because he is the kind of boater whose boat is usually not at the dock, I often send him gear to test.

Such was the case with the Spot-Less Water Filter/Softener. According to the company, this portable unit, measuring 30"x6" around and weighing about 20 pounds, not only reduces chamois drying after washing and rinsing with soap and water but also minimizes spotting and staining on all fiberglass, metal, painted, glass, and plastic surfaces. It does this by filtering out spot and stain depositing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, tannis, and iron from the water source. The filter contains millions of tiny resin beads that extract the hard-water elements and also softens the water.

“Hooking up the filter was simple,” Burke says. “All I had to do was attach the four-foot hose supplied to either end of the filter and then to the water supply. As far as cleaning, it worked great and significantly cut down drying time. But because the water is ‘soft,’ there’s lots of suds, so I had to rinse off with low pressure.”

Burke used the Spot-Less unit for three months and said that it showed no signs of being affected by the elements. He also says after filling up his 100-gallon tank, he made coffee and drank right from the tap. In addition, Burke reports that it worked extremely well on isinglass, sheeting up and leaving no spots. “I have a new back door and window, and I have been testing it out on that. Clear and clean at all times,” he says.

The Spot-Less needs to be recharged after about 5,000 gallons of use and takes only a few minutes to do so. Simply back-flush with pure pelletized water-softener salt cubes, available at any hardware store, and it’s ready to go.

The cost of the filter is $350 and includes a four-foot supply hose and recharger. Shipping and handling in the continental United States is free, and custom sizes are available. —K.K.

Spot-Less Phone: (609) 296-2564.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2004 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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