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Predicting the Unpredictable

Part 4: On the Web

By Sar Perlman — August 2003

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On The Web
www.nhc.noaa.gov/index.shtml. National Hurricane Center home page, which during hurricane season lists the Tropical Cyclone Advisories, discussions, and strike probabilities for all tropical cyclones.

www.nhc.noaa.gov/HAW2/english/intro.shtml. Online tutorial about hurricanes and tropical storms.

www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/weather_sub/faq.html. Frequently asked questions about hurricanes and cyclones.

www.nhc.noaa.gov/forecast.shtml#tropdiscuss. Tropical weather discussions as well as other routine marine weather reports for waters south of 31º north.

www.aoc.noaa.gov/index.html. Information about NOAA’s aircraft reconnaissance missions into hurricanes.

www.nhc.noaa.gov/satellite.shtml. NOAA weather satellites imagery.

www.mpc.ncep.noaa.gov. Ocean Prediction Center home page for marine reports north of 31º north.

www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutmodels.shtml. Advanced technical data about weather computer models.

www.nws.noaa.gov/om/marine/home.htm. Comprehensive list of all marine products offered by NOAA.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2003 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.