Ocean Alexander

Ocean Alexander 100 Motoryacht

Our Boat Test of the Ocean Alexander 100 Motoryacht. 

Ocean Alexander is known for building boats that are equal parts elegance and seaworthiness. Would its new 100 keep up the tradition? Find out here.

Ocean Alexander 90

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Ocean Alexander 90

The Ocean Alexander 90 is a big, burly motoryacht with onboard luxury to spare and impressively nimble performance attributes. Capt. Richard Thiel recently gave her the full wring-out and liked what he found.

Ocean Alexander 120

Take two boatbuilders serving different markets and let them each play to their strengths in a single project. Chris Caswell takes a look at what you get with the new Ocean Alexander 120.

Ocean Alexander 90

The 30-year-old boatbuilder Ocean Alexander is introducing a 90-footer that looks and feels like a much larger yacht. A wide 22-foot beam produces an airy feel throughout the vessel, particularly in her main saloon where oversized windows create an interior that is awash in sunlight.

Ocean Alexander 83

Bad Weather Warrior

This 83-footer out-Punches Poseidon on a foul test day.

The sky was as gray as a battleship, and raindrops the size of marbles fell so hard onto the wooden-plank dock beneath my feet that the water hit me coming down and bouncing back up. Winds were out of the northeast at 25-mph-plus, and waves were forming eight-foot vertical walls just outside

Ocean Alexander 60

I’m a reasonably social guy, meaning I either host or attend my fair share of civic events, dinner parties, and other lubberly hoorahs. But when it comes to long-distance cruising, I prefer traveling with a single companion: either my wife, a friend, or a relative. Elbowroom’s part of the deal—even sixty-footers can feel a tad cramped after a week or so, particularly with a passel of yakety-yaks

Ocean Alexander 98 Cockpit

I crossed the equator the first time onboard the oceangoing tug Betty Wood, and, barring a few initiation pranks by guys who were already card-carrying members of the "Royal Order of Shellbacks," the event consisted mostly of a party, or what passes for a party on a merchant vessel in the midst of the Pacific. And it was fun, partly because revelry, when practiced miles from nowhere, is

Ocean Alexander 64 Pilothouse

Back in the 1960’s, some West Coast brokers discovered that if they built boats in Taiwan, where the labor rate was a fraction of what it was in the United States, they could undercut domestic manufacturers and increase their profits. The first hardy souls who embraced this gambit were quickly reminded that there is no free lunch. For while they possessed an inherent talent with the crafting and

Ocean Alexander
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