Nordic Tugs

Nordic Tug 39

Wind in the Willows

If ever there were a perfect boat to go messing about in, the Nordic Tug 39 is it.

I was immediately captivated when I arrived at Wayne Carroll’s Brewerton Boatyard that morning. For starters, the place itself was pure poetry. Hunkered alongside the riverine waters of the Erie Canal, at the west end of New York State’s Oneida Lake, with grassy

Nordic Tugs 52

I remember the first big, commercial tug I ever saw. Recently transplanted from the farmlands of Northern New York State to the docks of New Orleans, I was flat-out stunned by the arrival of the enormous, 130-foot Sara Hayes, all festooned with tractor tires, deckhands, and hawsers. My idea of a tug back then borrowed more from the realm of children's literature than from the raw world of