Virtual Hatteras

I've viewed a fair number of "virtual boat tours" over the years, and most of them look—well, virtual, as opposed to realistic. Either that or they're so cursory that they  don't give you a feeling for what the boat is really like. But the  one for Hatteras's new GT63 pretty much blew me away. It's both realistic and comprehensive. Have a look:

Capt. Patrick Sciacca stumbled upon it while cruising the web and passed it on to myself and PMY sales rep (and avid angler) Joe Illes. He in turn sent the info to Hatteras marketing honcho Eric Cashion, inquiring whether Cashion has seen it. His response? "Seen it?  We helped create it! Hatteras is leading the pack in the use of new technology to design and present new products. It's certainly more sophisticated than the airbrushed profiles the competition is still using."

Cashion went on to tell Illes that there are similar digital tours for the GT54 and the GT60, plus videos and virtual 3D photography on the GT60 and soon, new images on the GT63 and GT54. You can see it all by going directly to the Hatteras Web site: