Intrepid 375 Center Console


Air temperature: 93ºF; humidity 75%; seas: 4'


140 gal. fuel, 20 gal. water, 3 persons, 100 lb. gear.


Test Engine: 2/557-hp Seven Marine outboards

Transmission/Ratio: ZF, 1.75:1

Props: 15 x 27 Inertia 5-blade

Price as Tested: $460,000

The Numbers

Intrepid 375 Center Console - Final Boat Test Numbers:
RPM Knots GPH Range
600 4.6 1.6 1,035
1200 7.0 5.2 485
1800 10.3 13.8 269
2100 14.0 18.4 274
2400 19.6 22.4 315
2700 25.2 29.2 311
3000 29.0 32.0 326
3300 32.8 42.2 280
3700 37.5 52.4 258
4000 39.8 64.4 222
4500 48.5 62.0 282
5000 54.6 90.0 218
5500 60.3 116.0 187
5550 61.0 118.0 186
Speeds are two-way averages measured w/ GPS display. GPH estimates taken via onboard computer. Range based on 90% of advertised fuel capacity.
*Editor’s Note: Due to test conditions, numbers above 4000 rpm were provided by Seven Marine from prior tests with same boat.


Noteworthy Options: Vision livewell leaning post ($9,750)
fiberglass T-top ($12,000)

On Location

Better Boat: Big Engines, Bigger Plans

Seven outboards

Seven Marine has been on the scene for four years now, and ever since its inception it has been making gearheads’ eyes pop… and its competition sweat. But the company is only getting started. With highly maneuverable, super-powerful, and relatively easy-to-maintain engines in its quiver, Seven Marine is officially on the prowl. The company’s vice president Brian Davis had this to say about the future: “Seven Marine is really excited to establish its business in the marketplace as the premium offering in the outboard segment, and our goal is going to be to continue our leverage. We want to continue to apply what we’ve patented as far as engine architecture, and supply what the market is asking for. We think there are a lot of needs out there that our technology is going to address, particularly in the case of improved engine efficiency and horsepower density.”

What that somewhat clandestine quote means specifically is anybody’s guess, as Davis is cagey about giving too much away. “We have all sorts of plans for the future, trust me,” he said, “but we can’t put them out there just yet.”

This article originally appeared in the January 2014 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.