Somebody Tell Me about the Compass Rose!

This expedition yacht is currently docked at Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City. She’s a beautiful boat, and she’s outfitted with all sorts of tenders. Check out the picture. Megayacht "Compass Rose"It’s like a Where’s Waldo game for tenders. Me and my buddy Chuck counted five including a PWC. I’m told that’s a Viking 42 at the stern, though you can only see the tower here. Not bad for a bumboat.

But my main question is, where did this yacht come from? It’s basically un-Googlable. Nobody’s heard of it that I’ve spoken to. Our editors are stumped. The Compass Rose is a ghost. The Keyser Söze of megayachts. Readers help me out. Do you know the Compass Rose? It’s bugging me.

So if you can help please tweet me @KevinSKoenig.

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