Apps For Your Boat

fusion icon FusionLink,
Control stereo functionality on the Fusion 700 series marine stereos through an iPad or Smartphone.
Fusion MS-IP700
Read more about Fusion marine stereos here.

 BOATraNET icon

Not really an app, but it acts just like one. The BOATraNET offers browser access to the boat’s intranet folders and functions.


View and control all MFD functions from an iPad with a virtual keypad and screen repeater.
Raymarine e125
Click here to see a video about Raymarine Mobile Apps for c-Series and e-Series
RayRemote RayRemote,
Separate screens allow the user to view and control all MFD functions from a smartphone.

NavNet Data Viewer

Furuno NavNet Data Viewer,
View data shared by the TZtouch on the wireless network on an iPhone or iPad.

Furuno TZT14
NavNet  Remote  Control, Furuno NavNet Remote Control,
View and control TZtouch functions from an iPad over the wireless network.