PMY enews June 2012 DIY Special

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Magellano 50 from Azimut
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Power and Motor Yacht

DIY: Add Air Conditioning
Installing an air-conditioning system doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Follow these steps to end up with a cool and comfortable environment for your guests. Check out the basics of a helm air-conditioning installation here.
DIY: Install a Fishbox Ice Maker
Why go to all that work to catch the fish of a lifetime only to have it sit in the beating sun all day? Keep it packed in ice automatically with a fishbox ice maker. The steps to install it start here.
Web Exclusive: Seawater Plumbing 101
Understanding how seawater pumps work is half the battle when taking on projects like our air conditioner and ice maker. Only drill those through-hull holes once with these simple considerations.
Adding a Thruster
Perhaps the idea of cutting a huge hole in your boat’s hull has got you squeamish. Check out this new thruster, which provides the lateral maneuverability you’re after in a tidy external package.


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