Installing An Ice Maker - 2

Installing An Ice Maker - 2From there, the ice hose travels 12 feet aft. A 3-inch diameter PVC pipe was easier to mount than many individual tie wraps, carefully marked and mounted with a one-inch drop per foot. The 1¼-inch inside-diameter ice-delivery hose and surrounding insulation is snug but snakes through the 3-inch PVC pipe. “That PVC ensures the hose doesn’t sag over time,” Meister says. “It makes a lot better installation than just tie wraps.”  

At the aft end of the pipe we made a sweeping 90-degree bend across a bulkhead, where we increased to a 2-inch-per-foot drop to help ice flow through the bend. Next, a question-mark-shaped bend brought the hose across the top of the generator, through a bulkhead and immediately down into the fishbox. That question mark isn’t ideal, but a steep drop afterward helped by letting melting water flowing from above lubricate ice flow.