True North - May 2012

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Power and Motor Yacht

Cleaner and More Powerful Diesels
MAB V12-1650
Technology is helping the latest marine diesel engines provide more horsepower with less pollution in 2012.

What’s the downside to diesel engines? That’s an easy one—they smoke like crazy on startup and they’re loud. Well new engines from some of the best-known names in diesels could turn everyone’s perception on a dime. In the past year, Cummins, Volvo Penta, Caterpillar, John Deere, and Yanmar have all introduced engines that meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier III emissions rating. While that’s great news, boaters will like the other benefits they bring: more power and quieter operation. Most can be used in inboard, pod, or stern drive applications. To learn more out about these engines and others that may suit your needs, click here.

New Develpments in Hybrid Marine Propulsion
The Great Green Hope

Systems that combine diesel power with electric motors make for quiet, efficient operation. But will they ever make sense in terms of efficiency? We plumb the depths of the hybrid question to sort out the details and determine the benefits of the various system types. To see what we found, click here.

Hybrid engine

Online Exclusive: Video diagrams show how hybrids work. Click here.

Improvements in Cooling Systems
Coolant system

The evolution of cooling systems has allowed engine manufacturers to add horsepower and reduce weight at an astonishing pace. But those systems only work with proper maintenance. Check out the June 2012 issue for the full story, including a maintenance schedule for a variety of cooling systems.  
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Hot Video

Yogi: The Sinking of a Megayacht

Within a year of its launch, Yogi, a 197-foot megayacht built by Proteksan Turquoise, sank off Skíros, Greece, in the Aegean Sea. Watch here as the crew of a Hellenic Air Force helicopter approaches the foundering yacht and effects the rescue of the survival-suited crew from her pitching decks and a liferaft. As the yacht settles into the murk in about 300 fathoms, questions have arisen about what happened and why. Click here to watch

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