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Marlow’s New Mini-Yacht

Marlow’s New Mini-Yacht

David Marlow, originator of growing line of Marlow Explorer Yachts, shows Capt. Bill Pike his latest and greatest--a proprietary tender design manufactured by Norseman Shipyard in China and called the Marlow Sprite. As with other Marlow vessels, the Sprite has a fit-and-finish second to none. Consisting of a foam core sandwiched between inner and outer moldings (with non-skid decks to perfectly match the mothership), it is also unsinkable, according to Marlow. Pike, a saltwater flycasting aficionado, suspicions the little craft might make an excellent back-country fishing skiff. Marlow wholeheartedly agrees.

Marlow Explorer Yachts ( (800) 362-2657.

This article originally appeared in the November 2004 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.