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Spring Commissioning Checklist Page 2

Spring Commissioning Checklist 2002 - Part 2
Maintenance April 2002 — By Capt. Ken Kreisler

Spring Commissioning Checklist
The Basics continued
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• The Basics continued
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• Change lube and transmission/lower unit oil and fuel filters if you didn’t do it while winterizing. When changing fuel filters, do not prime them with unfiltered fuel. Use your engine’s priming pump if you have one. If not, filter enough fuel to fill the canister by pouring it through a spare. Keep spare filters onboard and at least enough oil for one complete oil change.
• Charge batteries, and check the state of charge in each cell with a hydrometer. Clean the top surfaces with a solution of one box of baking soda to a quart of water. Brush on and wipe off after any bubbling stops. Rinse with fresh water and wipe dry. Also check cables and wiring for corrosion and wear, and replace if necessary. Terminals and connections should be shiny. If not, clean with an emery cloth and coat with a liquid insulating material such as Star brite’s Liquid Electrical Tape.
• Replace all nonengine zincs. If any signs of wear are present, replace them. That way you’ll be confident that you have a full year of protection.
• Inspect all pump impellers, especially those on raw-water pumps, and replace as needed. Keep spares onboard.
• Examine the hull above and below the waterline for blistering. If any blisters are present, repair before launching.
• Inspect ground-tackle shackles. Check your anchor line for fraying or degradation, especially where chafing occurs during normal lowering and hauling of the anchor.
• Wash down the entire boat.
• If you used ablative bottom paint last year, clean and repaint the bottom. Most nonablative paints are good for two seasons.
• Start the engines and check fuel lines, oil lines, filters, pumps, and pressure caps for leaks. Turn on all electric switches to make sure everything works, and test all lights for burned-out bulbs.
• Inspect fuel/water separators, and drain any water present. Clean or replace filter element as necessary.
• Check under carpets and runners and especially in closets for mold and mildew, and wash with a mild solution of bleach and water–two parts water to one-half part bleach–or use one of the many products on the market designed for this purpose.
• If you’re replacing props on inboard-engine boats, install new cotter pins.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2003 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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