The World's 100 Largest Yachts 2002 Page 3

The World’s 100 Largest Yachts - 2002
The World’s 100 Largest Yachts - 2002

By Diane M. Byrne


15. Kingdom KR
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10. Evergreen
L: 302'4"  Y: 1997
Yung-fa Chang, the chief of the Taiwanese shipping company named Evergreen, also owns this five-deck-high yacht. But he's reportedly selling her because he's building a larger yacht. Interested buyers, take note: You and 26 of your guests can enjoy the karaoke saloon, 20 staterooms, a meeting room, and a pool (yes, a pool--not a teenie Jacuzzi). B: Hayashikane, Japan; N: Diana Yacht Design; H: Steel; E: 2/6,598-hp Wartsilas 

11. Tatoosh
L: 301'8"  Y: 2000
Spotted in Antigua in mid-January, Tatoosh was commissioned by Craig McCaw, the American telecommunications baron, but he sold the yacht late last year to Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen (see no. 63). The New York Times reported the selling price to be $100 million, but no one associated with the transaction is officially talking. The yacht also spent a good deal of time in New Orleans beginning shortly before the Super Bowl and continuing on through the early spring. Later she voyaged to the Galapagos, apparently so the crew could check out some dive sites, as Allen is known to be an avid diver. Tatoosh returned to New Orleans in the late spring. B: H.D.W. Nobis Krug, Germany; N: Kusch Yachtagentur; H: Steel; E: 2/1,018-hp Deutz-MWMs

12. Nahlin
L: 300'0"  Y: 1930
This 72-year-old yacht is in her third year of an ambitious restoration, since she had languished for years. Built for Lady Yule, once one of England's wealthiest citizens, Nahlin cruised more than 200,000 miles in her first four years; one notable trip was a charter King Edward VIII took with American divorcee Wallis Simpson in 1936 in the Adriatic. The yacht sold the following year for $1.35 million to King Carol of Romania and was rechristened Lucearful. But when the king abdicated the throne in 1940, the yacht's fortunes gradually declined. At one point she was converted into a floating restaurant moored to the banks of the Danube, remaining there through the late 1980's, but she deteriorated through the 1990's. In 1996 Nick Edmiston of the yacht-management firm Edmiston & Company acquired her on behalf of a client and had her transported to England for the restoration. B: John Brown & Co., Scotland; N: G.L. Watson; H: Steel; E: 4/Brown-Curtis steam turbines  

13. Asean Lady
L: 289'0"  Y: 2002
Open letter to Brian Chang, owner of Asean Lady and the Yantai-Raffles Shipyard in China, where she's about to be delivered: We've been waiting (and waiting) for this yacht to launch. In fact, we've tried our best to be patient over the past two years while you diverted workers to important commercial projects at the yard. That move was understandable, but we've been left feeling like a little kid who knows he just got the coolest bike on the block but can't unwrap it. Asean Lady is truly unlike any other yacht afloat, due to her outrigger design--when can we get aboard and see her accommodations for 22 guests, jogging track on the upper deck, and viewing platform built into the funnel-like structure on the flying bridge that's more than 70 feet above the water's surface? B: Yantai-Raffles Shipyard, China; N: Ian Mitchell; H: Steel; E: 1/2,000-hp Caterpillar 

14. Arctic P
L: 288'7"  Y: 1969/1995
Kerry Packer, the Australian media and casino baron who's also his country's richest man, takes this converted ice-class tug on world excursions. He had Arctic P moored in Sydney Harbour during the Olympics a few years ago, and the running joke in town had tourists encouraged to "just clamber aboard--Kerry loves surprises!" The yacht was spotted in Sydney once again in March. B: Schichau-Unterwasser A.G., Germany; N: Claus Kusch (conversion); H: Steel; E: 2/4,400-hp Deutz-MWMs 

15. Kingdom 5KR
L: 281'9"  Y: 1980
Every August Kingdom 5KR pulls into Cannes, and strollers along the city's famed Croisette get to admire the yacht's beige and green exterior--beige for the desert sand, green for the palm tree, the symbol of Saudi Arabia. Her owner, Prince Alwaleed, included "Kingdom" in the yacht's name for his holding company, which invests in everything from the Four Seasons Hotels to AOL and Citigroup. As for "5KR," "5" wards off bad luck, and the initials represent his children's names ("K" for Khaled and "R" for Reem). B: M&B Benetti, Italy; N: Jon Bannenberg/builder; H: Steel; E: 2/3,000-hp Nohab Polars 

16. Golden Odyssey
L: 265'7"  Y: 1990
The Saudi prince who owns this yacht is obviously a big fan of the sea, using her as the head of a fleet of boats that include Golden Shadow (see no. 37) and Golden Osprey, a "small" sportfisherman (we say "small" because the boat isn't on this list). The prince often makes the vessels available for scientific research voyages, particularly those concerning the health of ocean reefs. B: Blohm & Voss, Germany; N: Platou; H: Steel; E: 2/2,992-hp Deutz-MWMs 

17. Bart Roberts
L: 265'0"  Y: 1963/1986/2002
Black Bart himself would be proud, as this is a stalwart seagoer with an ice-strengthened hull. Nearly 40 years ago Bart Roberts was launched in Montreal as a member of the Royal Canadian naval fleet and rebuilt (to the tune of $20 million) by the Canadian Coast Guard in 1986. The most recent refit saw her gain luxurious accommodations and all-new machinery and receive SOLAS certification for 36 passengers. Her 42-foot beam gives new meaning to "full-width master suite" and "enormous saloon," the latter featuring a stone fireplace, dance floor, and bar area. B: Canadian Vickers, Canada; N: Len Edstrom (conversion); H: Steel; E: 2/2,000-hp Rustons 

18. Constellation
L: 262'4"  Y: 1999
Here are some remarkable statistics: Constellation can speed along at 23 knots and carries 350 tons of fuel. Want to know more? She's currently in Mallorca, Spain, and is for sale for $68 million. B: Oceanco, South Africa/Holland; N: The "A" Group; H: Steel; E: 2/8,160-hp MTUs 

19. Stargate
L: 262'4"  Y: 2001
The sistership to Constellation (see no. 18), Stargate (originally named Stargate II) has six sumptuous guest staterooms plus four VIP suites in addition to the master suite. She belongs to a Middle Easterner. B: Oceanco, South Africa/Holland; N: The "A" Group; H: Steel; E: 2/8,160-hp MTUs

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This article originally appeared in the January 2003 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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