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Maintenance Q & A — April 2003
By Capt. Ken Kreisler

Doing the Circuit
Part 2: Flooding Outboard, Polishing Fittings
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My tender’s carbureted outboard is constantly flooding. What could be wrong? W.N., via e-mail
There are two possible causes. The first is a malfunctioning float. Unless you are a skilled mechanic, either call in an outboard mechanic or buy a new carburetor. A mechanic will disassemble the carburetor, replace the inlet needle valve and valve seat, then adjust the float position.

The other possible cause is excessive fuel-pump pressure that is overpowering the float. Since most mechanical fuel pumps cannot be adjusted, if that is the problem, you’ll have to buy a new fuel pump.

While my older stainless steel fittings are virtually corrosion-free, they have lost some of their original luster. Using 3M pads of varying grades with a wide variety of polishes has not done the trick. Any suggestions? V.T., via e-mail
It’s difficult to get anywhere hand-buffing old hardware that has been subjected to years of saltwater exposure. Try using a cotton polishing wheel attached to a power drill along with your cleaning/polishing products. Apply steady pressure, and keep reapplying the product each time it is used up. If this gets you nowhere, try using jeweler’s rouge, available at most jewelry stores, and remember to use safety glasses, as the residue from the cleaning products can be harmful to your eyes.

Once you’ve got the shine back, apply a metal polish—Star brite’s chrome and stainless polish comes to mind—to keep it looking that way. You might also want to use a metal wax to protect your fittings. However, repeated applications will be necessary, as salt water will remove the protective coating.

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This article originally appeared in the March 2003 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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