Let your crew battle fish, not fatigue, by booking your boat on a yacht-transport ship when you hit the tournament trail.

By Diane M. Byrne


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The scenario is all-too familiar.

You and your crew depart your homeport for the tournament you’ve been looking forward to all season—the one that’s on the other coast of the country, maybe even down Mexico way, thousands of miles from your usual fishing grounds. The adrenaline’s pumping, but between the stirred-up seas being thrown at you and the fatigue that’s inherent in making such a lengthy trip, by the time you arrive at your destination, you’re all worn out—or worse, you’ve missed the Bimini start.

That’s it, you think; I’m never doing this again.

If you decide to stick closer to home from now on, you’re missing out on an alternative way to hit the tournament trail without beating up yourself and your boat: a yacht-transport ship.

But wait a minute—aren’t those just for the megayacht set? The answer, in a word, is no. In fact, Sevenstar Yacht Transport, one of the companies providing these services, is specifically targeting owners of boats like yours.

Sevenstar opened its doors in 1999 to address the yacht market, working with companies ranging from Sunseeker to Rodman and Azimut to ship their midsize yachts to dealers and boat shows worldwide. It’s been growing steadily since then; according to Richard Klabbers, Sevenstar’s managing director, the company saw a turnover of $8 million last year compared to $1.8 million its first year. Sevenstar has a total of 118 staffers, five of whom do nothing more than fly all over the world overseeing the loading of boats.

In addition, within the past two years, Sevenstar has seen an increase in interest from owners of battlewagons; in fact, Klabbers says that 50 percent of its bookings are for sportfishing boats these days, with a number of them heading to marquee tourneys like the ones in Baja California and Cabo San Lucas sponsored by Bisbee.

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This article originally appeared in the June 2004 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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