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By Capt. Bill Pike


Photo: Lourdes A. Ruiz
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The folks at Wärtsilä’s Land & Sea Academy offer many ways of stopping incidents of terrorism or piracy onboard before they occur. Should the worst happen, however, academy instructors suggest numerous techniques. Here are a few:

• Stow several six- to nine-foot lengths of 3/4- or 1-inch three-strand nylon line in various easy-to-access locations. They can be used for defense by holding two or three bights up with two hands, or by striking an opponent with a coil. Braided mooring lines tend to be softer and not as effective as harder three-strand.

• If a person points an uncocked revolver at you, you may be able to thwart him by grabbing the pistol in such a way as to immobilize the cylinder, thus preventing the gun from being fired.

• You can defend yourself against an opponent with a knife by taking off your shoes, slipping them onto your hands, and using the soles as shields and/or battering rams.

• When all else fails, throw a heavy object such as full can of soda at your attacker. You may not injure him, but you might distract him, which may give you time to escape.

• If an attack takes place after dark, turn out the lights onboard. Chances are you know your vessel better than your opponent, and you’ll be able to get around more easily. —B.P.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2004 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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