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Uniesse 66 MY By Capt. Bill Pike — February 2004

Tried and True

Wi-Fi Docking
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After the sea trial, as I approached our berth while steering from the flying bridge, Uniesse importer Gerry Berton handed me a little rectangular device with four spring-loaded toggles (see “Electronics,” page 64). “Dock ‘er with this, Bill,” he said. In short order, we were both on the main deck, where maneuvering visibility was superb. Berton toodled forward to hail a dockhand, and I toodled aft with the Yacht Controller to assess wind and current.

Having had laptop Wi-Fi at home for a couple of years now, I was programmed to fall in love with the device, I suppose. Docking alongside was a snap. While standing on the 66’s inboard walkway, I simply kicked the stern in by alternately toggling forward on one engine and astern on the other and brought the bow in with the bow-thruster toggle. Once we were against the dock, the engine toggles proved so sensitive and quick that I could dial the 66’s lateral position in by inches while helping to handle lines.

There was one drawback, though. “Hey Gerry,” I complained, early on, “I can’t twist the boat by simultaneously going forward on one engine and reversing the other.”

“Sorry,” he replied. “Just one engine at a time with this version.” —B.P.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2004 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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