New and Improved?

Lead Line — January 2003
By Richard Thiel

New and Improved?
Yes! PMY really has earned the right to use these words.
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I can almost hear the collective scoff when I say, “Welcome to the new and improved Power & Motoryacht,” and why not? Few are the words in the lexicon of American media more often overused and less often earned. But if you’ll grant me a few minutes, I’ll prove PMY has earned the right to use them.

What you’re about to see is the result of a year of research and planning, and all of the changes spring from two goals: to make PMY more informative and more fun. One way we’re doing this is with our new look, the joint effort of Aimée Colon, our art director, and Sara Hylan, our former art director. The look is cleaner and more modern and breaks up most of the columns into segments that invite “grazing,” picking out subjects that are of particular interest to you.

The content of the columns has changed, too. “Latest & Greatest” now offers useful stuff you might not normally consider “boating gear,” products chosen because we believe they’re things you’ll actually want to have aboard. You’ll find publications, CDs, and even Web sites here, and we invite you to offer submissions on things that have worked well for you.

“Just Launched” continues to bring you news of boats that are so new we haven’t been able to test them yet. However, instead of equally detailing three launches each month, we now cover one significant launch in detail and provide short synopses of two or even three others.

“FYI” emphasizes fun. You’ll still find boating-related news, a quiz, and a boat-show calendar, but you’ll also find a counter that tracks out-of-the-ordinary statistics, a mini-interview with a high-profile boater or industry rep on an unexpected subject, and “Stuff We Like,” which will feature anything from something nifty we saw on a boat test to an inventive product we found while out in the field.

“Cruising” has been replaced by “Cruising Life,” which provides firsthand stories and hands-on tips for living aboard. We’re actively seeking submissions from cruisers to make this column as relevant as possible, but we haven’t forgotten about covering cruising destinations. You’ll find feature-length stories about those in future issues.

At 3 1/2 pages, “Electronics” is now the largest column in its field, and more important, it continues to be authored by Ben Ellison, hands-down the best boating electronics columnist. The pages will be divided among a main story, “Electronics Q & A,” and a smattering of notable new electronics.

We’re also bringing back an old favorite: “Sportfishing Digest,” which will run four times a year and focus not so much on technique as on the unique people who make this such an interesting sport. And of course, your old favorites are still here, although they may look a little different. Fexas remains our “Spectator,” but you may find him even edgier, and Capt. Bill Pike still offers his quirky take on life on the water in “At Sea.” Diane Byrne, a.k.a. The Megayacht Queen, continues to use “Megayachts” to bring you up to speed on the latest big-yacht launches and the people who make these gold-platers so interesting.

Finally, there’s one change you probably won’t notice right away. We’ll be asking—and paying—readers to tell us what they’re doing on the water, share an entertaining yarn, provide a proven tip, or just sound off about what’s good or bad or ugly in boating. After all, it’s people who make boating such a special activity.

This article originally appeared in the January 2003 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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