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Electronics — December 2004
By Ben Ellison

ColorLight UV/Halogen Searchlight

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This double-barreled CL02-12 searchlight uses patented reflectors to give the operator the choice of a conventional 250-watt, 114-mile-range Halogen white light for conventional use or a 250-watt, 12-mile-range ultraviolet (UV) light. The latter is supposedly excellent for spotting anything fluorescent—buoy markings, for instance, or the tapes on an overboard person’s PFD—even in foggy conditions. UV can also reveal oil spills or illuminate a fluorescent-painted helicopter pad without messing up the pilot’s night vision. The 27-inach-high unit can rotate endlessly, either vertically or horizontally, via a nifty new remote control, which can also be used to focus the white light from flood to spot and set up automatic sweep patterns or multiple programmed fixed positions (like that helipad). Larger light units are available.

ColorLight ( (800) 445-7869. www.colorlight.com.

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This article originally appeared in the November 2004 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.