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Special Spoof Section December 2003

Latest & Not-so-Greatest


By Elizabeth A. Ginns


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Here’s a new pair of gloves that will make cleaning your boat a cinch and will make those “hard-to-reach” spots on your hull a thing of the past. Even better, they’ll also let you live out your fantasy of being a superhero who can scale the sides of tall buildings.

According to Reuters, researchers at the University of Manchester in England say they’ve “cracked the secret of one of the reptile world’s greatest climbers,” the lizard, and produced a sticky tape that can mimic its gravity-defying abilities.

“The new adhesive lizard tape contains billions of tiny plastic fibers that are similar to natural hairs covering the soles of lizards’ feet,” says a spokesman for the university. At last, your captain will be able to hang from a hull side by one gloved hand, leaving the other hand free for polishing and other duties.

Imagine the possibilities.

Superhero Powers Phone: (800) spi-glove.

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This article originally appeared in the November 2003 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.