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Jon Bannenberg - 1929-2002 - Design Role Call
Jon Bannenberg: 1929-2002

Jon Bannenberg Designs Role Call

By Diane M. Byrne

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Nearly 200 yachts came to life from the drawing table of Jon Bannenberg, many of which are listed below. Chances are you'll recognize at least some of the names:

ALDORA (1967) Camper & Nicholson, UK
ARAMIS (1967) Clarke, UK
REDSKIN (1968) Souter, UK
CHARISMA (1968) Craggs, UK
TIAWANA (1968) Camper & Nicholson, UK
TAMAHINE (1968) Souter, UK
CARINTHIA V (1969) Lürssen, Germany
ANEMOS (1969) Botje, Holland
BENEDIC (1970) S.O.S., UK
LAMBRO (1970) Lambro, Greece
PERSPEHONE (1970) Cammenga, Holland
AMAZON (1970) CRM, Holland
PALOMINO (1970) Royal Huisman, Holland
TROIS AMIS (1970) Kremer, Germany
NEORIAN (1971) Neorian, Greece
ARJUNA (1971) Esterel, France
AETOS (1971) Psarros, Greece
CARINTHIA VI (1972) Lürssen, Germany
BLUEBIRD (1972) Chiavari, Italy
SANDPIPER (1972) Chiavari, Italy
SILVER LEOPARD (1972) Burmeister, Germany
AQUAMARINE (1972) G.R.A., Greece
BLUE LADY (1972) Chiavari, Italy
YELLOWBIRD (1972) Chiavari, Italy
FIREBIRD (1972) Chiavari, Italy
HERON 21 (1972) Chiavari, Italy
STILVI 11 (1973) Camper & Nicholson, UK
PEGASUS III (1973) Krogerwerft, Germany
MY GAIL (1974) Feadship/De Vries Scheepsbouw, Holland
XIPHIAS (1974) Esterel, France
BOULE DOGUE (1975) Cantieri Lavagna, Italy
SOUTHERN BREEZE (1975) Kremer, Germany
SOLITAIRE (1976) Picchiotti, Italy
ABU ALABYAD (1977) yard unknown
MAJESTIC (1977) Cammenga, Holland (also oversaw refit as MIDNIGHT SAGA, 1988)
DHAFIR (1978) CRN, Italy
RODI'S ISLAND (1979) Burmeister, Germany
NABILA (1979) Benetti, Italy (also oversaw refit as KINGDOM 5KR)
ROSARA (1980) CRN, Italy
CIMBA (1979) Bowman, UK
MY GAIL II (1981) Feadship/De Vries Scheepsbouw, Holland
NAHEMA (1981) Astellerios, Spain
BOBBARO (1982) Poole, San Diego
PARAISO (1983) Feadship/Royal Van Lent, Holland
AZTECA (1984) Feadship/De Vries Scheepsbouw, Holland
ZULU SEA (1984) CRN, Italy
ACAJOU (1984) Esterel, France
THREE Y'S (1984) Esterel, France
MY GAIL III (1985) Amels, Holland
NEVER SAY NEVER (1985) Oceanfast, Australia
NSN (1985) Oceanfast, Australia
CEDAR SEA II (1986) Feadship/Royal Van Lent, Holland
THE HIGHLANDER (1986) Feadship/De Vries Scheepsbouw, Holland
SHIRLEY B (1986) S.O.S., UK
LADY GHISLAINE (1986) Amels, Holland
BENGAL I (1986) Sterling Yachts, Japan
BBC CHALLENGE (1987) Sterling Yachts, Japan
SOUTHERN CROSS III (1987) Sterling Yachts, Japan
PARTS VI (now MADI BLUE) (1987) Oceanfast, Australia
GARUDA (1987) Nautor, Finland
GALU (refit) (1987) C.U.V., Italy
ANTIPODEAN (1988) Oceanfast, Australia
SUN PARADISE (1988) Oceanfast, Australia
ACHARNE (1987) Royal Huisman, Holland
SHEERGOLD (interior/funnel areas) (1988) Amels, Holland
STEFAREN (1989) Brooke Yachts, UK
MYSTIQUE (1989) Oceanfast, Australia
MERCEDES (1989) Oceanfast, Australia
BEAUPRE (1989) Brooke Yachts, UK
G. WHIZ (1989) Brooke Yachts, UK
GEEDEE (1990) Brooke Yachts, UK
OPAL C (1990) Oceanfast, Australia
BOLKIAH, now TRUE BLUE (1991) Oceanfast, Australia
SIRAN (1991) Feadship/De Vries Scheepsbouw, Holland
SOUNDS PACIFIC (1991) Oceanfast, Australia
MOECCA (1992) Oceanfast, Australia
CORAL ISLAND (1994) Lürssen, Germany
OCEANA, now LITTLE SIS (1994) Oceanfast, Australia
CELEBRITY date and yard unknown
MERCEDES II (1996) Oceanfast, Australia
LIMITLESS (1997) Lürssen, Germany
ALTAIR refit (1998) Oceanfast, Australia
THUNDER A (1998) Oceanfast, Australia
SAGITTA (2001) Oceanfast, Australia
"PROJECT B" (2002) Benetti, Italy

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This article originally appeared in the January 2003 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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