America's 100 Largest Yachts 2009 Page 2

31 CALIXE 193'0"
-Calixe's owner Wendy McCaw isn't just the owner of one of California's oldest newspapers, she's also got a keen interest in animal welfare. She helped return Keiko, the whale featured in Free Willy, to the wild.
-McCaw and her fiance also own two donkeys. No word on whether they were onboard during the yacht's recent trips to Lake Ontario and Newport, Rhode Island.
Y: 1986; B: Feadship/Royal De Vries Scheepsbouw, Holland; N: H.W. De Voogt Naval Architects; H: steel; E: 2/1,605-hp Deutz-MWMs

32 LINDA LOU 191'10"
At first, Linda's owner Doug Von Allman wanted a 164-foot semidisplacement yacht, until he spotted Lurssen's 192-foot Capri and decided he wanted Linda to be her sistership. Luckily the builder complied with Von Allman's request, transferring all of the engineering fees he'd already paid to the new build.
Y: 2006; B: Lurssen, Germany; N: Espen Oino Naval Architects; H: steel; E: 2/1,950-hp Caterpillars

33 UNBRIDLED 191'0"
-Charter guests aboard this just-launched yacht will enjoy a veritable arsenal of toys that includes two Novurania tenders, two Kawasaki WaveRunners, and two 15-foot kayaks.
-Thirsty? Unbridled carries 6,000 gallons of fresh water. Y: 2009; B: Trinity Yachts, USA; N: builder; H: steel; E: 2/2,000-hp Caterpillars

34 SEAWOLF 190'8"
Oftentimes when a boat changes hands, her new owners opt to keep her name. Not so with this vessel, which in her 52 years on the water has been known as Clyde, Smit Salvor, Mastas Salvor, Seawolfe, Seawolfe C, and Dolce Far Niente.
Y: 1957/2002; B: Smit Kinderdijk, Holland; N:: Dhr Huisman; H: steel; E: 2/1,500-hp Smit-MANs

35 HELIOS 189'3"
Helios' interior was just redone by HF Interior and Knight & Carver. The overhaul-which included work in the main saloon, master stateroom, six guest cabins, sundeck, and more-was so successful, it was nominated for the best refit of 2009 by one marine publication.
Y: 2001; B: Oceanco, Holland; N: The "A" Group-Monte Carlo SAM; H: steel; E: 2/1,650-hp Caterpillars

The third in a string of Excellences that also includes the 258-foot Excellence IV (which owner Herb Chambers sold within weeks of taking delivery of her last year), and the forthcoming Excellence V, this is just one of Chambers' many toys. He's also got a Gulfstream G450, a helicopter, and a McLaren F1, which is reportedly one of the fastest cars in the world.
Y: 2001; B: Abeking & Rasmussen, Germany; N: builder; H: steel; E: 2/2,000-hp Caterpillars

37 ULTIMA III 187'9"
At presstime, Ultima was on the market for an estimated $65 million. Thanks to a few recent open houses, visitors got a rare chance to step onboard this heretofore unseen vessel, which has only had one owner, Ron Perelman, and has never been chartered. Y: 1998; B: Abeking & Rasmussen, Germany; N: builder; H: steel; E: 2/1,877-hp Caterpillars

38 BAD GIRL 186'0"
She sold in April, but Bad Girl's still American-owned. No word on whether her new owner will keep her Xbox and Playstation intact.
Y: 1992; B: Brooke Yachts, England; N: Luigi Sturchio/Don Shead; H: aluminum; E: 2/3,480-hp MTUs

39 SIRONA III 185'4"
Once named Sycara II, this is the second yacht on this list owned by Carnival Cruise Lines mogul, Micky Arison. Though she's no longer available for charter, Arison uses her regularly himself. She's recently been spotted in Gibraltar and Monaco.
Y: 2003; B: Oceanfast, Australia; N: Jon Bannenberg/Phil Curran; H: steel; 2/1,600-hp Caterpillars

40 LADY J 185'0"
Don't be fooled by the fact that she's bee on the water for more than 30 years-this Lady can still perform with the best of them. She has a reported cruise speed of 12 knots and a range of about 9,000 nautical miles. Y: 1976/1989; B: Quality Shipyard, USA; N: builder; H: steel; E: 2/1,760-hp Wartsila Nohab Polars

41 PANGAEA 184'0"
The owner of this expedition boat worked closely with his trusted captain to get her charter-ready. Some of the most high-impact changes? Replacing her open railings with bulwarks, adding accommodations for up to seven more crew, and topping Pangaea's steel decks with teak.
Y: 1999; B: Halter Marine, USA; N: Trinity Yachts; H: steel; E: 2/1,000-hp Caterpillars

42 ALLEGRO 183'7"
At presstime, Allegro was still an American-owned vessel, though she was on the market with a reported asking price of just over $39 million. According to the broker overseeing her sale, this five-stateroom megayacht, with a cruise speed of 14.5 knots, is really and truly turnkey, right down to her stemwear
. Y: 2005; B: Benetti, Italy; N: Stefano Natucci; H: steel; E: 2/1,850-hp Caterpillars

43 HUNTRESS 180'5"
She has an interior finished in warm creams, taupes, and tans, which accounts for why the authors of Huntress' Web site, , boast that this charter yacht-which also features a lot of limed and burr oak-has a decidedly "warm ambiance."
Y: 1997; B: Feadship/Royal De Vries Scheepsbouw, Holland; N: De Voogt Naval Architects; H: steel; E: 2/1,280-hp Caterpillars

44 ALTITUDE 180'4"
It's typical for megayachts to have watertoys, but this one carries a few that go beyond the ordinary. On that list are a kayak with a removable drive unit that allows it to be used as a paddleboat, a fiveperson banana float, and a 15-foot water trampoline.
Y: 2003; B: Benetti, Italy; N: Stefano Natucci; H: steel; E: 2/1,850-hp Caterpillars

45 PLATINUM 179'4"
Little is known about this boat-no small feat given that she's been around for 47 years. From what we've been able to gather, she's still owned by the same man who had her when she first appeared on this list, some 20 years ago.
Y: 1962; B: Lurssen, Germany; N: builder; H: steel; E: 2/2,130-hp MTUs

46 STARFIRE 178'0" In recent months, reports have begun to surface that Starfire's owner is in the market for a larger boat. Whether or not that's the case, he's still got this yacht, which is often spotted in the Med being followed by one of her tenders, a 40-foot Hinckley named Starlet. Y: 1997; B: Benetti, Italy; N: Stefano Natucci; H: steel; E: 2/1,573-hp Deutz-MWMs

47 FORTUNATE SUN 177'0"br/> A favorite of yacht spotters, this grayhulled, Tim Heywood-designed beauty is regularly seen in the Med, most recently in Nice's Port Lympia. Y: 2003; B: Oceanfast, Australia; N: builder/Tim Heywood Designs; H: steel; E: 2/2,330-hp MTUs

48 KATHARINE 177'0"
-At presstime, this boat was on the market. Her reported asking price? $29 million.
-Open houses aren't just for homes: Katharine's brokers recently held one onboard to show her off, an event that generated serious interest, thanks, no doubt, to her recently rebuilt main engines and fresh paint job.
Y: 2001; B: Trinity Yachts, USA; N: builder; H: aluminum; E: 2/2,000-hp MTU-DDCs

49 KISSES 175'0" Kisses' interior has been described as minimalist art deco, which is particularly apparent in the metal geometric patterns on many of her doors. Her owners are reported to be major modern art fans, so interior designer George Larson gave her a clean, jazz club-esque look, which serves as a perfect backdrop to their floating collection.
Y: 2000; B: Feadship/Royal De Vries Scheepsbouw, Holland; N: De Voogt Naval Architects; H: steel; E: 2/1,360-hp Caterpillars

50 NOBLE HOUSE 173'9"
When her owners are ready to entertain, Noble House's formal dining room fits the bill. It's got a 12-seat table flanked by beautiful hand-crafted cabinetry.
Y: 2003; B: Sensation Yachts, New Zealand; N: Overing Yacht Designs; H: steel; E: 2/2,200-hp Caterpillars

51 SEA BOWLD 173'9"
Make no mistake about it-this boat is fast. She's got a cruise speed of 26 knots and is a proven trans-Pacific performer. Guests aren't likely to feel particularly jostled when she's underway, though, thanks to her SeaState stabilization system.
Y: 2004; B: Oceanfast, Australia; N: Sam Sorgiovanni Designs; H: Aluminum; E: 2/3,650-hp MTUs

52 ICE BEAR 173'0"
A Nebraska-based billionaire owns this yacht, which is regularly spotted in Alaska and Costa Rica. He's an avid angler, who keeps a fishing guide on staff to help him catch salmon and halibut when Ice Bear's up north, and sailfish, tuna, and marlin when she's in Costa Rican waters.
Y: 1988; B: Feadship/Royal De Vries Scheepsbouw, Holland; N: H.W. De Voogt Naval Architects; H: steel; E: 2/1,000-hp Caterpillars

53 PASSION 173'0"
The owner of this boat wanted to ensure that charter clients of all ages were entertained while spending time onboard, which is why he added an arcade in the skylounge with-among other things-an air hockey table and a Ms. Pac Man game.
Y: 1986/2003; B: Swedeship, Sweden/Astilleros de Mallorca, Spain; N: Diana Yacht Design; H: steel; E: 2/1,710-hp Caterpillars

54 SuRi 173'0"
This former crabbing boat serves as a shadow to the slightly smaller JeMaSa, carrying her helicopter, tenders, and watertoys. Designer Joseph Artese was wary about adding an "ungainly" helicopter pad, so he blended the addition into the superstructure by raising the bulwarks along the hangar by six feet.
Y:: 1978/2007; B: Halter Marine, USA/Yacht Escort Ships, USA (conversion); N: Kirilloff & Associates (conversion); H: steel; E: 2/1,800- hp Detroit Diesels

55 BIG EAGLE 172'0"
Though by no means unheard of, it's pretty cool that Big Eagle's longtime captain is a woman. The glass-ceiling breaker in question is Christina Virgilio, a UCLA grad, who's worked on the yacht for almost 12 years. It's perhaps a bit ironic then that Big Eagle appeared in the decidedly non-feminist film Striptease.
Y: 1980; B: Mei Shipyard, Japan; N: builder; H: steel; E: 2/900-hp Detroit Diesels

56 GALLANT LADY 172'0"
This is one of many Gallant Ladys owned by the late Jim Moran, and he used this one most frequently when entertaining guests. It's easy to tell her apart from her same-named sisters by identifying the long, oval windows in her superstructure, though they're also a feature on the 167-foot GL, built in 2007.
Y: 1995; B: Feadship/Royal De Vries Scheepsbouw, Holland; N: De Voogt Naval Architects; H: steel; E: 2/960-hp Caterpillars

57 TAIPAN 172'0"
A real groundbreaker, this yacht regularly charters in Thailand, one of the first to do so. And though she's been around since the 1980's, she underwent a complete refit-getting a totally new interior-in 1998.
Y: 1981/1998; B: CRN, Italy/Rybovich Spencer, USA (refit); N: Builder/Calhoun & Co.; H: steel; E: 2/1,220-hp Mirlees Blackstones

As her name implies, this vessel has proven herself capable of surviving a knock or two. Not only did she complete a two-year trip around the world, she lugged a 38-foot Cigarette-style boat the entire way. Able to reach reaching speeds over 80 knots, said tender is one of the largest ever placed on a Feadship.
Y: 1995; B: Feadship/Royal Van Lent Shipyard, Holland; N: De Voogt Naval Architects; H: steel; E: 2/1,430-hp Caterpillars

59 TIME FOR US 170'7"
After a refit in 2007 and an update in 2008, this 15-year-old is as good as new, with up-to-date features like a state-of-theart Crestron entertainment system.
Y: 1994; B: Feadship/Royal De Vries Scheepsbouw, Holland; N: De Voogt Naval Architects; H: steel; E: 2/1,280-hp Caterpillars

60 DREAM 169'9"
How's this for a technological acheivement? Dream's dynamic-positioning system, azimuthing stern thruster, and anti-roll tanks allow her to stay still in one place with a constant heading without the use of her anchor or main engines.
Y: 2003; B: Feadship/Royal Van Lent, Holland; N: De Voogt Naval Architects; H: steel; E: 2/1,500-hp Caterpillars

61 BEAUPORT 168'11"
Though she's now used solely for recreation, this converted Canadian Coast Guard vessel spent her first 30 years as a buoy tender and sounding vessel. She was also capable of light ice breaking.
Y: 1960/1993; B: Davie & Sons, Canada; N: builder; H: steel;
E: 2/640-hp Fairbanks Morses

62 ENTERPRISE V 168'0"
For sale for $15 million, this Feadship has had only one owner since she was built in 1992. Helicopter-capable, she features creamcolored interiors that let in lots of natural light.
Y: 1992; B: Feadship/Royal Van Lent Shipyard, Holland; N: De Voogt Naval Architects; H: steel; E: 2/1,175-hp Caterpillars

63 GALLANT LADY 168'0"
Delivered just a few weeks before he passed away in 2007, Jim Moran's eighth Gallant Lady was designed to have a relatively shallow (seven-foot) draft so she could navigate the Intracoastal Waterway and Bahamian waters her predecessors couldn't handle.
Y: 2007; B: Feadship/Royal De Vries Scheepsbouw, Holland; N: De Voogt Naval Architects; H: steel; E: 2/1,000-hp Caterpillars

64 HAIDA 168'0"
Bath Iron Works, which began as an iron foundry in 1826, is primarily known for constructing U.S. Navy destroyers, of which it has built more than 100. The Bath, Maine-based yard also built this vessel, which is currently owned by a Texan.
Y: 1947; B: Bath Iron Works, USA; N: John H. Wells; H: steel; E: 2/1,000-hp Enterprise diesels

65 HELIOS 2 168'0"
This yacht recently underwent a complete refit. What was included? New wall coverings, carpets, and furniture courtesy of interior designer Patrick Knowles, plus a complete exterior paint job, the addition of Quantum zero-speed stabilizers, and the extension of her sundeck and swim platform.
Y: 2002; B: Palmer Johnson, USA; N: Sparkman & Stephens; H: aluminum; E: 2/2,000-hp Caterpillars

66 JAMAICA BAY 168'0"
This boat's second refit in less than eight years took place in 2007, when her owner requested alterations like the addition of another VIP stateroom, which is aft of the master on the main deck. He also wanted her to feel like a real gentleman's yacht, hence her handsome mahogany joinery.
Y: 1986; B: Schweers, Germany; N: Diana Yacht Design; H: steel; E: 2/1,445-hp Caterpillars

This article originally appeared in the November 2009 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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