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Compact Multitools

Whether you’re tackling a serious upgrade or just doing some daily maintenance, you need to start with a solid set of tools. And no toolbox is complete without a multitool—that space-saving gizmo that combines several devices in one. From survival-focused models to fishing-friendly ones, there are a number of multis on the market that’ll help you complete that task du jour.

Angler Assistance

Gerber’s Flik Fish includes a crimper, pliers, a hook sharpener, and a whole lot more. ($90; www.gerbergear.com)

Wrench Worthy

Originally made with bikers in mind, Topeak’s Alien III CB features 25 tools including more than ten wrenches, a knife, and two screwdrivers. ($90; www.topeak.com)

Rescue Me

The award-winning Rescue Tool has emergency-ready features like a removable windowbreaker and luminescent handles. ($90; www.swissarmy.com )

Fat Free

Leatherman’s new Freestyle hybrid is a pocket-size performer with just five maintenance basics: a knife, two sets of pliers, and two wire cutters. ($49.99; www.leatherman.com)

This article originally appeared in the October 2009 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.