World's 100 Largest Yachts 2006

Gentle reader, it's time we had a talk. We've noticed you've been behaving rather, well, peculiar lately. You know, like how you've been describing leaving your car in your driveway as Med-mooring. And how you've been referring to 30-odd-foot speedboats as tenders.

There are a few other things we've noticed, too:

—you've been insisting that your "crew" (a.k.a. your kids) paint better graphics on your RIB to compete with the ones on the aptly named Lioncub, the tender to Lionheart (no. 77)

—you've been overheard asking technicians if your baitwell can keep piranhas alive better that the fish tank aboard the pirate ship Bart Roberts (no. 27) and, when told it can't, challenged the poor souls to a duel by sword or pistol.

—you want to know why your home-entertainment center doesn't have 10,000 songs and 600 films available on demand, the way they are aboard Constellation (no. 18)

—you continually complain during dinner that you can't see straight up through an atrium to an opaque glass-bottom Jacuzzi tub on your rood, the way Sherakhan (no. 53) does on her top deck

Relax. You're in good company. After all, we've been compiling stats on (read: obsessing over) and tracking (read: chasing after) the largest private cruisers in the world for more than 20 years. And if you still have any doubt that you have lots of company, take a good look at the time stamp on some of the posts on our Megayachts forum; there are a bunch of sleep-deprived Europeans and Aussies playing yacht trivia and waxing poetic about Octopus at all hours of the morning and night.

So without further ado, here are the largest yachts in the world. Just as we did with last year's edition, we've included the five largest yachts owned by heads of state, listed separately at the end.

Let the obsessing begin.

KEY: L=length; Y=year launched (where two dates are given, the second is a refit date); B=builder; N=naval architect; H=hull material; E=engines

World’s 100 Largest Yachts 2006

1. Al Salamah 51. Absinthe
2. Rising Sun 52. Reverie
3. Octopus 53. Sherakhan
4. Savarona 54. Floridian
5. Alexander 55. Siran
6. Turama 56. Attessa
7. Atlantis II 57. Lady Anne
8. Pelorus 58. Amazon Express
9. Le Grand Bleu 59. Apoise
10. Lady Moura 60. Golden Shadow
11. Christina O 61. Haida G
12. Carinthia VII 62. White Cloud
13. Limitless 63. Dilbar
14. Evergreen 64. Al Menwar
15. Tatoosh 65. Callisto
16. Nahlin 66. Astarte II
17. Ice 67. Ambrosia
18. Constellation 68. Wedge Too
19. Asean Lady 69. White Rose of Drachs
20. Arctic P 70. Shemara
21. Ecstasea 71. Van Triumph
22. Kingdom 5KR 72. Sans Peur
23. Alysia 73. Lady Marina
24. Annaliesse 74. Shahnaz
25. O'Mega 75. Cedar Sea II
26. Golden Odyssey 76. Sokar
27. Bart Roberts 77. Lionheart
28. Al Diriyah 78. Force Blue
29. Delphine 79. Northern Star
30. Montkaj 80. Lady Lola
31. Lone Ranger 81. Apogee
32. Samar 82. Fortunato
33. Princess Mariana 83. Virginian
34. Lady Sarya 84. Lady Christina
35. Talitha G 85. Moneikos
36. Giant 86. Rasselas
37. Leander 87. Sarah
38. Enigma 88. Solemar
39. Ilona 89. Esmeralda
40. Salem 90. New Sunrise
41. Laurel 91. Il Vagabondo Again
42. Queen M 92. Darnice III
43. RM Elegant 93. April Fool
44. Coral Island 94. Madiz
45. Tueq 95. Mylin IV
46. Kogo 96. Phoenix
47. Utopia 97. White Rabbit
48. The One 98. Méduse
49. Skat 99. Nara
50. Boadicea 100. Blue Moon


For the second year in a row, we're taking a separate look at the five largest yacht maintained by heads of state. We list them this way because whether a state yacht is used for private cruises or official government business, arguably each comes at the taxpayers' expense. They're also registered as part of the country's naval fleet.

Now, this separate categorization is not to imply that these yachts are any less captivating—on the contrary, their sheer size is enough to make Rising Sun and Octopus look like bathtub toys in comparison. And chew on this: With other even larger craft rumored to be under construction for other heads of state, they'll soon be given a run for their money.

1. Dubai
2. Prince Abdul Aziz
3. Isham Al Baher
4. Al Said
5. Al Mirqab

This article originally appeared in the August 2006 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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