Welcome to the Megayachts forum of Power & Motoryacht, hosted by me, Diane M. Byrne. Here you can do everything from check out photos of famous yachts to trade information with your fellow yacht-watchers. Of course, there are also serious, education-oriented discussions about safety and regulations, which I encourage you to participate in, no matter whether you're new to yachting or an old salt.

A few quick requests before you continue on to join the discussion threads:

* Please keep the focus on the yachts and their features. Yes, some of the owners are high-profile and therefore of interest, but please save the discussions for how much money they earn, who they're dating/married to, and other general rumors for other forums on the Web.

* Be mindful of your posts! Avoid defamatory statements; this simply is not the place for it. Any confidential information revealed will result in legal repercussions. In addition, poor behavior in general will result in you being banned.

* While we recognize that you might subscribe to a few yacht magazines, we kindly ask that you refrain from mentioning them in your posts.

* Also, please make use of the Search function at the top of the page before starting a new topic for discussion. We want to prevent having several separate threads on the same topic.

Now, leave your shoes in the on-deck basket, and welcome aboard.