Pictures of Jon Bannenbergs canal cruiser

I came upon the canal barge Jon Bannenberg designed about 11 years ago.
She had a very extensive refit by Shipart

Ive been on board and loved every minute of it:)))

She may not be your standard superyacht but it shouts Bannenberg from all sides and is absolutely gorgeous inside.
For those, not familiar with this kind of ship; it's build for the inland connection throughout France by canal which dictates the outer measurements since you pass lots of low, small bridges, go through countless locks etc.
To make anything this nice, airy, light and luxurious is a major achievement by Bannenberg!
Im a bit lost about her history, but ive seen pictures and drawings of her in the past and im sure one of you will fill me in her (links please!)

Anyway, for those of you with time and money, cruise to France for 4.1 million euros