Is Octopus beautiful?

I saw a new building all in white then i saw its hull and realized it was a yacht named Octopus which towered over me and seemed to be posing like a 900 pound gorilla then i took a good look at this yacht to give it the benefit of doubt. After some minutes i came to the conclusion that the front end which looks like a ferry boat was attached to the back end which looks like a naval frigate and repainted. I know tastes differ but does anyone else agree with me that the owner could have done a much better job then just having a cross breed. Seems the pedigree and romance in yacht building is dead and that 2 rival (American) billionaires are the reason for this due to a race to build the biggest yacht but i do think that Larry Ellison's yacht will be alot easier on the eyes. Will this be the end of tackyyachts? I hope the rich (which we like talking about so much while they just get richer) bring back the megayachts that look like yachts built with passion and not just a phone call.
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