Protecting Boat Names?? Total nonsense!!

What's all this noise about 'protecting boat names?'

From another thread: "Yes, more and more owners protect the name of the yacht. It's the same for Roxana, Dolce Far Niente, Nanseabee, Crystal Sea, La Dolce Vita, Anson Bell, etc..."

This is silly. We have the absolute right to call our boats what we want. I hereby declare my boat name is heretofore: 'Dolce Far Niente'. Please sue me. No copyright, trademark, or patent law is available for protection of such names. I am a professional in this field, I am sure you cannot protect boat names in nearly every country.

One can always include in a contract for sale, a clause which says one must change the name upon purchase, however, that is very limited and only obligates the buyer. Anyone else got a different opinion on this topic? I'd like to hear of it.

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