The 15 largest yachts - list with photos

I have compiled a list based on the PMY's world's 100 featuring the first 15 yachts. The list also features some photos for each entry (something I found to be lacking in the PMY list), so life can be easier for those "new" to megayachts. There's no need to wonder what the mentioned yacht looks like.

In general, I've tried not to infringe any copyright (and I hope I'm not doing so). The pictures I've used where taken from results from Google image search, so I guess there's not much of problem, isn't it?
Most pictures are explicitly credited because most of them didn't have any information to be credited for. The ones which have, the original credits and copyright have been kept.
Please, if any of you feel that I've violated any copyrights please let me know, and I will promptly attend to your wishes (take offline, explicitly credit, whatever)

There's also a portuguese version of the list (attempting to increase interest in megayachts here in Brazil...)

The english version can be found here: