Italian yachts?

this is my 1st topic so i'll start by saying...Hey all
i've talked to alot of people and there seems to be an argument on whether italian ships are good or not..on 1 hand u have the fact that italy is one of the oldest ship builders in the world..and also a majority of the companies are italian..but on the other hand u have the quality of the ships...4 example the feretti group (includes pershing,benetti,feretti e.t.c) sells LOTS of yachts every year but the quality is crap..another example is the wally..which is awesome looking but cant even go 1 mile on a rough sea...We had a benetti yacht a few years ago and every day something went wrong..every day another pipe broke and we were literally swimming in our own ****...
I'd like to hear/see other people's opinions on this matter..cheers

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