S/Y Ridiculous


Sorry for any written errors. My english teacher didn't do a good job with me.

The yacht is based on a maybe existing hull. The may all have been scrapped by now.


I go from top to bottom on the drawing. I have looked at other yacths and stolen some bits here and there. Sorry for that. Not that it ever is going to be build anyway.

Sundeck: The sundeck is facing fore and split up on to levels. Level 1 is covering the 'Bridge Area' and the level 2 is covering the helicopter garage. The swimmingpool starts at level 2 and creates a waterfall with 2 waterslides down to level 1. A bar and barbeque area is just behind the waterfall. 2 elevators and stairways leads up to the 'Sundeck'.
Then you think, wouldn't the waterfall fly into the bar. It probable would, but honestly a ship like this would most of the time sail from A to B during the night, anchored up and use the sail and powerboats. Or you could just call it wetbar.

Bridgedeck: The bridge deck holds the helicopter garage, bridge, captains and the ship office. The numbers to the right shows the hight of each deck. 1.5 is 1.5*normal deck hight. With ordinery deck hight, the yacht would look flat. More decks would just create more empty spaces. The helicopter garage is 2.5 to be able to hold 2 EH 101 WIP with folded rotorblades. If you can aford this yacht, to EH 101 shouldn't be any problems. From the 'Bridgedeck' a circular stairway and 2 lifts brings passenger down into the yacht.

Iceskatingdeck: All yachts got to have an iceskatingrink, right? At least this one do. But why is it placed at this deck. Hot Mediterranean or Karibien sunshine and iceskating doesn't fit together, so most of the time shaders would have to cover the windows. So why? When the yacht is anchored by a larger city at nighttime, with lights from the city and moonshine from above and you open up the shades. Can it become more romantic? Around the oval rink, sitting groups makes it possible for entertainment. Why lifeboats? Don't know. I have been moving them around for a while. Else you got a childrens room and a lounge. The lounge at least in my mind, would look like an outdoor cafeteria in Paris. Large doors would make it possible to use it when wisiting icebears or penguins.

Familydeck: The familydeck gets its name from the family apartment. A large apartment with Master bedroom, 4 childrens suites (bedroom, wardrobe, bath, study and toyroom.), tv-room, gym, family-office lounge, diner, small kitchen and an outdoor/indoor jacuzy. The Jacuzy area has 2 sets of doors. The innerdoors and the outerdoors.

This would make it possible to close any of the doors. A place for the owners to relax.
The royal and president suites are not much larger then the other guestsuites, actually they are smaller then the familysuite. But they got doors out to the deck. Bedroom, bath, wardrobe, office and lounge. Royal = European style and president = American style. At aft you find a Library, Game room and a saloon. The aft deck is used for outdoor dining.


1st Guestdeck:
Main diner and saloon stolen from Titan group. With this size, there would probable be a million different ideas. 5 staff cabins with direct stairway to the family area. Guest suites. Double suites, Twin suites (both with bedroom, bath, wardrobe, office and lounge.) and Family suites (2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 wardrobes, office and lounge.)

2nd Guestdeck:
Entrance lobby, Medic center, Business center, Car garage, I got no idea how they work, but a yacht like this got to have one. More guest suites, and the main Galley and crew cabins.

A large 2xdeck lounge with 1 saltwater aquarium and 1 freshwater aquarium, Bowling center with 6 lanes, large studio area. In my case the studio area would contain CGI studio, sound studio and offices. If space enough, studio staff cabins. Else, 2 Movie theaters with around 40 seats each and a huge spa area with 2 floors. Swimmingpool, sauna, hot bath, cold bath and more covering the first floor. Gym, massage and stuff covering the second floor. Marble flooring and volcanic walls with waterfalls. Boat and toy garage with all the stuff, including two 7 seats seaplanes with folded wings.

There should be place for a deck between the 'Entertainment deck and the 'Engine/Submarinedeck'. This could be used for the Crew.

Engine/Submarinedeck: Make a guess, I'm tired of writing.

Oh almost forgot the boats. Those are the 2 green things fore and the 2 green things aft. The 2 grey things are cranes. The 2 in the fore are speedboats with a size of 60-70 feet. I was thinking about 2 Nor-Tech boats. The 2 boats at the aft would have been 70-80 feet schonners with 20 seats. A yacht like this is not something you would go sightseeing with. Let's say that you have anchored up among some of the smaller islands of Fiji. You launch the shconners, fill them up with guests and sail among the islands.

I'm continuosly doing changes.

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