What's the big deal with Pelorus?

Everybody loves Pelorus. She is on most people's "top ten lists". She wins prizes.

Ok, she's huge. No, she's enormous! She is a treasure chest of technological wizardry. The interior is the most splendid beach house you'll ever see.

But being obsessed with looks and profile and proportions, the exterior disappoints me. I saw her for the first time during sea trials, when she docked in Oslo right next to my office. My pulse raced, and I rushed home to pick up my camera and returned to take a lot of pictures. I was amazed. By the size, by the styling, and by the fact that I had never even heard of her before, and now she was so close I could touch her (and of course I did ).

But now, after several years, I don't understand what the fuss is all about.

The stern and garage area looks like Mr. Heywood got tired and just finished her off without much interest.

The portholes are a MESS without any real coherence.

And the superstructure looks like it's supposed to be on another yacht. It is not in harmony with the hull. It's too small and too short. I know it's supposed to be like that, according to Mr. Heywood, but I think it looks strange.

A great yacht, without doubt, but I would like to know how good-looking she COULD have been.