"Cheap" Superyachts from the east

I picked up the latest edition of my favorite magazine, and on the last pages was a huge ad from Cavendish White. They are introducing yachts built in China by the American based Mega Yacht Group, claiming that it will be faster and cheaper than using European or US yards. The yacht pictured is by the way the wedding cake of all wedding cakes.

My question is: how will this turn out? The industry is already booming with not-so-good-yachts from not-so-good-yards in addition to all the great designs from the designers and yards we love.

I mean, if you are rich beyond belief, you don't drive a Korean car? You drive a Bentley or a Bugatti or a Ferrari or all of the above, BECAUSE they are expensive. Will Chinese Yachts ever become a status symbol to be reckoned with? Perhaps among the newly rich and impatient?