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MCY 80

Our boat test of the MCY 80. Sleek, handsome, and spacious, the MCY 80 may be the best-looking boat yet from Monte Carlo Yachts, and she offers the performance to back it up.

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 80

Our first look at the MCY 80. That’s amore! Sleek, handsome, and spacious, the MCY 80 is everything we’ve come to expect in a new model from this builder.

Monte Carlo Yachts 105

Our Boat Test of the MCY 105. If there was ever a company that showed superyacht style in its builds ranging from 65 to 86 feet, it’s Monte Carlo Yachts. Well the next yacht fulfills all superyacht requirements, starting with LOA. See what we found out when European Editor Alan Harper tested her here.

Monte Carlo Yachts 86

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the MCY 86

European Editor Alan Harper recently put the MCY 86 through her paces. What he found was a boat that sacrifices nothing in the way of luxury, but still manages to retain an exceedingly seaworthy feel. Read the full test here.

Monte Carlo Yachts 70

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the MCY 70

For confirmation of the refinement of pod propulsion, look no further than the Monte Carlo Yachts 70. The rumble from beneath the the decks heralds a level of sophistication on a par with the rest of the boat.

MCY 65

Monte Carlo Yachts 65 adds smart options to a complete package.

PMY Boat test of the MCY 65. Monte Carlo Yachts’ Second Model Is Even Better Than The First One Was.

The view from the air was pretty unequivocal: billows of clouds borne on northerly winds, cascading down snow-covered mountains towards the ocean. Offshore, ships battled against the icy gale, burying their bows in huge seas and raising sheets of spray. 

Monte Carlo Yachts 65

Monte Carlo Yachts 65

Hot on the heels of the much-lauded Monte Carlo Yachts 76 comes the 65, a boat the company hopes will strengthen its reputation for building understatedly elegant yachts that are as functional as they are highly styled.

Once again MCY paired

Monte Carlo Yachts 76

Avant Garde

An award-winning newcomer from France by way of Italy.

You may not recognize the name of Carla Demaria, but in Europe she is boatbuilding royalty: 20 years a senior manager with Azimut-Benetti, driving force behind the Atlantis brand, and now tasked by Beneteau, the world’s largest boatbuilder, with creating a brand-new line of luxury

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